Saturday, 9 July 2016

Me & Mine in June

And just like that...half the year was gone!

How on earth did it get to be the end of June already?!

I'm excited for Summer, but at the same time I can't help but feel apprehensive as I feel like the end of this Summer will bring a lot of change to our family dynamic as come September - Tyne will be starting pre-school and we'll be going from being together every day (As Jon & I both work from home) to Tyne suddenly being out of the house 3 days a week.

It gives me a lump in my throat to think about, but anyway...*deep breath*...we have the summer to enjoy first and I have so many fun things planned for us to do!

We're so lucky that we live in a tourist hotspot like Devon as there is always so much going on over the Summer, so there's plenty to keep us entertained...the downside though is that everywhere starts to get very busy around now, and we found this week while trying to take our Me & Mine photos that its already a struggle to get parked anywhere at all as there are just SO many people everywhere you try to go.

The photos ended up being taken on an evening trip to the seafront park that Tyne is loving at the moment - it's a tiny little park, no swings or anything but just a wooden pirate ship with rigging to climb, a crows nest and binoculars, and a slide but he LOVES it and insists on taking his pirate hat and sword whenever we go!

The park is right on Preston seafront, and along the front are rows and rows of lovely beach huts - so we decided to take our photos in front of them.

I went prepared with my tripod, but a lovely family came along and offered to help us try and get the children all looking - so they all stood behind my camera pulling faces and doing silly things to try and get their attention! Although the presence of strangers meant we got the famous "Grumpy face" from did work a treat where Tyne and Sailor were concerned so that was a bonus, thank you nice family who helped us!

This Month, Daddy Is Loving:

*The news that two of his favourite musicians - Joe Henry and Billy Bragg - are doing a tour together (and dropping hints for tickets for his birthday!)

*Getting excited about Independence Day 2 coming out at the cinema

*Getting to celebrate Fathers Day as a Daddy of 3

Mummy Is Loving:

*Bright warm evenings at the park before bedtime

*The return of Big Brother and Orange Is The New Black giving her plenty to binge watch when the kids go to sleep!

*Watching favourite old movies on the Disney Life app (Father Of The Bride and 3 Men & A Little Lady?! Yes Please!)

*Getting time to read again courtesy of books like "Brought Up Proper" by her favourite comedian Jason Manford and "Down The Rabbit Hole" by former Playboy girlfriend Holly Madison - got to love a bit of trashy reading!!!

Tyne Is Loving:

*Playing with his new Playmobil police station

*Visits to the Pirate park

*His first time "fishing" in the sea with Gagand

Noah Is Loving:

*SCREAMING - he's found his voice and loves to scream as loud as he can!

*Playing with any toy that his brother was trying to play with

*Taking his first steps!

Sailor Is Loving:

*Cooing and gurgling at everybody

*Tummy tickles

*Bath time

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