Friday, 24 June 2016

My Top Tips For Long Car Journeys With Children

With school holidays being just around the corner, many families will be considering days out and shorts breaks. Now I know the thought of going on any journey with small children in the car can fill people with the upmost dread, however it doesn't have to be this way. With the right planning and preperation, family trips can become truly memorable and one of the best experiences a family can enjoy together.
  1. Build some anticipation. Before setting off, ensure your little ones are hydrated, relaxed and know where they are going. Tell them about the destination before and during the journey. Keep them informed of whats there for them, after all it they think they're going somewhere boring that they know nothing about, they will not enjoy the journey. Their lack of enthusiam can soon become a range of gripes and frustrations which are no fun for anyone in the car and really get a family holiday off to a bad start!
2. Traditional car games. These include classics such as I spy, favourite songs, Red Car Blue Car, the Number Plate Game or 'First one to spot'. You'd be amazed at how time can fly during a journey with these classics, be warned however competition can become very fierce.
3. Plan your route. For especially long journeys ensure you take breaks along the way, preferably somewhere the children can stretch their legs and get fresh air, so not just the nearest Moto or Happy Eater. Try to include areas with soft play facilities, parks or places of interest to children. Remember that the breaks are not just to prevent driver fatigue, but also to ensure your little ones have fun as well as keeping them comfortable.
4. Snacks and treats. An essential part of travelling with small children, not to mention a tasty fun way to pass the time.Take fun, low-mess and child-friendly snacks which aren't going to leave your car seats covered in chocolate and aren't going to pose any choking hazards while children are out of reach in the back of the car (So maybe leave the gobstoppers at home!) - it's a good idea to portion out servings in zip lock bags for ease. 
5. Buddy clips and Dummy ties. For small children, dropping their dummy or favourite toy during a journey can be dreadful and for the driver and other passengers it's no fun either! Simple clips ensure that should a children drop their dummy or favourite toy, it can easily be recovered with minimum fuss and distress. After all, it's no fun for anyone including the child if you're pulling over every 5 minutes to recover something for them from the floor of the car.
6. High tech entertainment Nowadays there is a vast array of gadgets designed to keep children entertained whilst enroute to their destination. From in car Dvd players to portable game systems and tablet devices the choice is astounding. It's also worth remembering that apps such as Disney Life for example allow movies and games to be downloaded to devices so even if you don't have Wifi, your children can still watch and play with their favourite characters. Fortunately headphones for children are also available so the other occupants need not be too distracted during their journey.
    And last but certainly not least... is your vehicle up to the journey? When was the last time you checked the oil, or the water, the lights, the spare tyre or even the tyres' tread and pressure? A holiday can be ruined entirely by an unreliable vehicle or something that is easily checked, fixed or maintained prior to setting off. A reliable, safe car such as those supplied by Jennings Motor Group for example can make the diffrence between a holiday to remember and one you'd all sooner forget.
Whenever you go, and wherever you end up, have a safe, memorable and happy journey after all it's family events and shared experiences that make for the very best memories. 

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