Friday, 10 June 2016

My Top Tips For A Mess-Free Home With Little Ones

It’s hardly a secret that owning small children can be an invitation to endless muck, mess and stickiness in your home (Seriously, why are they always so sticky?!)

Although you love your mucky pups unconditionally, when they tear through your previously pristine home like a  Tasmanian devil, it can test the patience of even the most happy-go-lucky mum.

However, thanks to a few grime-repellent life hacks, you can make the job of cleaning your home much simpler – which allows you and the kids to get on with some other, more fun, activities ...

Invest In A Door Mat

It may sound obvious, but by investing in a decent door mat, you’ll benefit from a first line of defence at the threshold. Not only will a door mat stop a contaminant in its tracks, but dirt from your child’s feet will be prevented from reaching and ruining your carpets!

Laundry before Breakfast

Some folk can barely switch the kettle on in the morning, never mind stick a load of washing in the machine – but by getting this chore out of the way early, it allows you to have breakfast, bung the clothes in the dryer (or hang them out) and then get on with the rest of your day without having to worry about - ALWAYS get the most cumbersome chores over and done with as soon as possible!

Find Your Dream Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are probably the single most important thing you'll own when you have small children in the house, because the mess that they can make with something as simple as a breadstick is PHENOMENAL - I have no idea how they manage it but it is impressive work! Everybody has their own ideas on what the best vacuum cleaner is so do shop around, but personally - I could not handle motherhood without my trusty Dyson by my side!

Get the Kids Involved

Cleaning while your kids are around can feel like attempting to hold back a tidal wave with a paper towel. But although it’s a challenge keeping your home neat and tidy, you can make your little ones part of the solution by encouraging and rewarding them as they help out around the house.

Throw Out Your Junk

Unless you have ambitions to become a professional hoarder, make your life easier by throwing out items that you no longer use. Donate to a charity shop, have a car boot sale and raise some extra pennies...but whatever you do, get rid of the tat!

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” said Benjamin Franklin as he put his kids to bed (maybe). Once your own are tucked in, make sure you get things ready for the next day - lunches made, clothes ironed and laid out, clean nappies and wipes topped up ready for use...anything to make the morning less stressful and lower your blood pressure!

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