Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sailor at 4 Months Old

Dear Sailor,

Didn't I just write your 3 month update a few minutes ago?! How has a whole month skipped past already!

This week I ordered a photo book of all your newborn photographs and when it arrived I sat next to you on the sofa as I flicked through it - I always think you haven't changed or grown that much but when I looked at those photos and then looked at you next time, it was pretty amazing to see how much of a change there's been in such a short time! You are almost unrecognisable from that teeny tiny little bundle now.

Nothing much has changed when it comes to feeding, I already had both of your brothers started on weaning by this stage as they both seemed to need it a little early but you're still very content on just your milk and so I have no plans to change anything for the time being.

You have been sleeping far less of a day time lately and seem to really struggle to fall asleep downstairs (not helped by your super noisy brothers, I'm sure!) so we've started to put you up in your crib for naps in the afternoon and you usually sleep for around 2-3 hours up there and seem to relish the peace and quiet - I can't blame you, if only I could join you!!

You have also been going up to bed at around 8.30 pm every night, and sleeping through until 5 am - you then have a quick feed for about 20 minutes and go back to sleep, usually until around 8.30-9.30 am so we really can't complain at all!

I mentioned in your 3 month update that I had been holding off putting you up to bed because I would miss the snuggle time - I do miss it and I kind of wish you were still awake more in the night, but you really do seem to need the peace and quiet of your own cot upstairs so it's definitely better for you!

 You are a proper little character and full of personality - you LOVE cooing and gurgling away back to anybody who talks to you, and you laugh a lot - especially at your biggest brother when he tickles and cuddles you. 

You love going out for walks and being in your big pram, getting to stretch out and relax.

You have been spending quite a bit of time on your play mat lately too and trying to reach for the toys, I don't think it'll be long before you're playing a are obsessed with watching your own hands lately too and love to suck on your fingers!

You have had quite a growth spurt lately and are now a proper chunky little monkey with lots of thigh rolls - it is SO cute!

You're sizing is still all over though - you still fit perfectly into some of your 0-3 month baby grows, but some of your daytime outfits are 6-9 months - though thats mostly so that they're extra loose for the hot weather as I think it's too uncomfortable for clothes right now unless there's loads of room in them.

You lost quite a bit of your hair a few weeks ago, but what you have left is a kind of dirty blonde - still spiky on the top which is very sweet!

I can't believe how much you've grown and how fast the time has gone, I do hope the next month slows down a little as soon you'll be starting to sit up and I am absolutely not ready for any of that! 

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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