Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Siblings In June

These three.

They're hard work at times, I mean...come on...there are THREE of them and the oldest one is only just turned 3...of course they're hard work sometimes!

But most of the time...they are endless smiles, laughter, giggles, chaos, mayhem, gurgles, mischief and just oodles of FUN!

Everyone of them is different and has their own little way - but every one of them is full of character and happiness, and you only need to look at them for them to bring you out in the biggest smile...even on the rubbish days when you're in the worst mood.

Each of my boys makes me smile all by themselves, but seeing them together is when I get the most pleasure from Mummyhood...watching them interact and seeing their relationships with each other grow and develop is just the loveliest thing.

And this past month there's been a lot of that going on between all of them...

Starting with biggest boy at 3 is still just a baby himself, and it's easy to forget that sometimes with the teeny ones around...but he's taken on the task of Biggest Brother with a lot of pride and he takes his role very seriously!

He comes over to Sailor quite often now, much more than in the past, and asks to cuddle him and tickle him - he loves to try and make him giggle! He asks me to "be Sailor's voice" so he can chat to him and when I do, he likes to tell Sailor all about his latest toy or what he's doing that day...and every time he ends the conversation the same way..."I love you, Sailor"

Although his relationship with Sailor is blossoming this month, he is running into a more difficult stage with Noah gets older and more interested in Tyne's toys and what his big brother is doing, Tyne is finding his constant interruptions to his games more annoying and he's getting increasingly frustrated with sharing toys!

Last week he asked me to "Please throw Noah in the bin"...yikes!

Noah doesn't seem to notice his big brothers distaste for sharing toys, or if he does...he doesn't care and is quite happy to help himself to everything anyway! He fights to the death for what he wants and isn't afraid to yank things back from Tyne if he tries to take them away - this one certainly stands up for himself!

But he worships Tyne anyway, and is always seeking his approval for things - lately he's noticed that he can make Tyne laugh by hitting me on the head so he does this everytime I pick him up, and immediately looks over to Tyne to see if he's watching and laughing!

As for Sailor...oh my goodness, Noah is besotted with him right now! He seriously cannot leave him alone.

Anytime that Sailor is in his line of sight, he is straight over to him - trying to cuddle and kiss him. He is also quite fond of stealing the dummy from Sailor's mouth but bless him, he does stroke him and say "Aaaahh baba" when he starts to cry afterwards...which is nice, though I'd like it more if he'd just stop stealing the dummy in the first place!!

As for Sailor, it's still early days for him but he is definitely starting to recognise his brothers - he seems to flinch a little when Noah gets close (Smart boy!) and gives the biggest smiles when he sees Tyne.

He's a very lucky little guy, though he doesn't yet realise it, to have these two big brothers looking out for him...while we were taking these photos Sailor got a bit upset, as he often does if he's very close to the boys and they're being particularly loud (there was a lot of excited screaming while we were snapping these pics!)...and look at the boys reaction to his tears:

They're straight in there to comfort Sailor, smothering him in kisses and trying to look after him...completely unprompted by me.

They might be a little bit loud and sometimes a little rough, but considering what babies they are themselves...they certainly are doing a fantastic job of being big brothers!

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