Sunday, 12 June 2016

Styling My Work Space With Inspirational Posters

As I've mentioned before, I work from home and so a lot of my time in spent sitting right here in this "office"...well I say office, it's actually a little corner of the playroom/dining room!

I have aspirations to dedicate more of an office space to myself one day but right now we're a little pushed for space, and it just isn't an option so I have to make do...which is fine, but I've dreamed for months of making more of the little work space I do have.

I have to spend large chunks of my time in here, and so I've always thought it'd be lovely to make it more inspirational somehow - to make it a place that I enjoy spending time, rather than just a cluttered messy desk in the middle of a room of toys!

Cluttered work space=cluttered mind and all of that.

I hope to be able to replace my tatty old computer desk for a prettier one at some point this year, but for now I decided to simply make the most of the blank wall space above where I sit.

Instead of looking up at plain old magnolia walls all day, I wanted to create a feature wall full of inspiring motivational posters that I could glance to whenever I'm in need of a little "pep talk" and I found the perfect website for what I needed in Desenio.

Shopping for posters online can be frustrating when you want them to be framed, as it means a whole lot of back and forth-ing to different websites - making notes of dimensions of the posters against dimensions of the frames online and so on - so when I discovered Desenio I was so excited to be able to get everything I needed in one place, it really did make the task of ordering and planning my wall so much easier!

With my framing worries resolved, all I needed to do was decide which art prints I wanted - it was hard to narrow it down as I am such a sucker for an inspirational quote that there were honestly about a hundred I could have gone for - but I managed to narrow it down to these.

I have always LOVED this little phrase about Batman, and I just knew that Tyne would be excited about the presence of a Batman poster in the playroom so it was a must have!

And when I saw this one with the mention of a Sailor...I had to have that too! And as it happens, I love the quote and find it very motivational when I'm having a rough day!

And this one was a MUST have given my blog name, of course!

I love the mix of sizes, having it all look kind of non-uniform really appeals to me and I love the pops of colour with the dark blue of the sailor print and the hot pink balloon in the Worry Less print.

I am so happy with my new work space wall, and I honestly do find that it's upped my productivity when working - now just to get myself that new desk and I'll never want to leave my little office-corner! 

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