Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Teletubbies Rediscovered!

When you think back to your childhood, no doubt there will be some favourite things that stand out in your memory...

Favourite toys you loved to play with, favourite places you loved to visit...and, if you were anything like me as a child, favourite TV shows and movies you loved to watch again and again.

Personally I couldn't enough of My Little Pony, Care bears, Moon dreamers and Rainbow Brite as a child...and my sister was all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 3 Ninja Kids!

Teletubbies arrived on the scene too late for me, but nonetheless they were a constant feature in my house as the children my mum looked after were huge fans - that little Sunshine Baby would grace our TV screen most mornings and "Eh-Oh"s would echo in my ear for the rest of the day.

When my own children came along, I was keen to introduce them to some TV greats of the past - my son loves watching a bit of Barney and Trap Door courtesy of good old YouTube!  And teletubbies was another old classic I introduced him to - he loved it but, as is often the case with YouTube videos, the quality wasn't great - so when we heard that the Teletubbies were BACK on our screens for a new generation we were very excited!!

Cbeebies are showing all new Teletubbies every weekday morning at 7.25 am - however my little ones are not early risers and (thankfully!) we are all usually still in bed until 8 most mornings, but that didn't mean we had to miss out as - thanks to the wonders of BBC iPlayer - we can watch anytime we want on the tablet!

Tyne loves to watch Teletubbies before bed each evening and I think this is a lovely way for him to wind down - he doesn't watch TV at all during the day, preferring to spend an hour or so watching short videos on the iPad instead, and so I find that half an hour spend together cuddling up and watching the show and having a little chat about it afterwards is great - the "real people" content always gives us some great conversation starters and Tyne loves to chat about his favourite tubbies and the shapes on their heads.

Teletubbies format hasn't changed much at all over the years - it's colourful, entertaining, cute and appealing to little ones and bigger ones alike (Noah is also a fan!) and provides some lovely insights into how people live with it's clips of children going about their everyday lives.

I filmed a short video showing Tyne enjoying an episode of Teletubbies before you can see it puts a big smile on his face and creates some really nice chatting opportunities.

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