Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WIN a garden makeover with Carpetright! #PitchForAPitch

You may recall that last year I posted about my Back yard Makeover and how happy we were with transforming the look and feel of our yard area with the use of artificial grass.

Our back yard area is basically the roof of our garage and a little extra paved space to the side, and without a bit of greenery it looked rather uninviting.

We had tried adding in a playhouse, my sons slide and a nice sandpit but without any grass it just didn't have that garden feel about it...

We had the same issue in our previous home and had resolved it with the use of artificial grass after my mum suggested it and so we decided to try the same thing again this worked perfectly! It really is quite amazing what a difference something as simple as artificial grass can make - it completely transformed the look and feel of the space, and turned it from a cold and bleak area into a perfect play space for my little ones...all within the space of 5 minutes!

The grass cost us less than £120 to cover quite a large area and really made all the difference in helping to turn our little outside space from a grey and unwelcoming area to somewhere that felt like a real garden! 

The new "garden" was thoroughly enjoyed...we all spent a lot of time last summer outside sitting down for picnics on the "Grass", my son spent lots of time playing on his slide and in his play house...all without needing to worry about him tripping and hurting himself on the rough paved ground - artificial grass is ideal for toddlers who are prone to trips as it drastically reduces the amount of cuts and scrapes they suffer!

Artificial grass has many practical benefits too:

* It requires no maintenance meaning no lawn mowing, raking, watering or upkeep needed.

* It doesn't require watering in the heat meaning no need to increase your water bills or invest in a hose pipe

*It looks great all year round - while my neighbours gardens look overgrown, dull and uninviting in the winter months ours always looks green and fresh - I really can't sing its praises enough!

*It doesn't get muddy - meaning no footprints in the house from children or pets

*It's excellent for those with mobility issues due to the lack of upkeep involved

*You don't need greenfingers or oodles of time to keep it looking perfect - once its laid, the job is done and you never have to think about it again!

*Hayfever sufferers can enjoy their gardens (area permitting) without having to worry!

We've had the grass for over a year now and it looks just as perfect as the day we bought it, despite having been well used and played on most days - and having faced a very harsh winter weather-wise - which only goes to show how durable it is!


Carpetright have recently started to sell quality artificial grass and to celebrate the Euros they're giving away a new pitch-perfect lawn, as well as some stunning garden furniture from Hayes Garden World to allow you to really make the most of your garden space this summer.

To be in with a chance, all you need to do is:
  • Follow them on Twitter or Instagram, or Like on Facebook
  • Tell them why you deserve a garden makeover, including a photo and the hashtag #PitchForAPitch
The competition will close at 9am on Monday 11th July, when the Euro 2016 winner is crowned.
To enter the competition, please visit the competition page here

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