Sunday, 12 June 2016

Zinc Flyte Scooters

As some of you may know we love to travel and as we've recently discovered, so now does Tyne.
Tyne naturally wants to bring his favourite things on trips with him, be they toys or his favourite shoes/jacket/coat hanger/night light for that week, and sometimes a compromise due to space is needed often sadly, to his disappointment.

We were recently given the opportunity to review a Zinc Flyte Mini Scooter, something we knew Tyne would love and help make the journey easier, and a lot more pleasant for him!

Zinc Flyte came about as the brainchild of a very clever chap called Simon. When Simon was young he dreamed of growing up to become a toy designer, and lo and behold his dream came true. Grown up Simon however remembered that as a child he hated travelling as it was tedious and dull to a small child, and so he wanted to design something that would make travel less tedious and more of an adventure for small people. From that initial idea, the Zinc Flyte Scooter system was born.

The scooter we were sent is called the Jack of all Journeys and features a very cool retro VW Tourer style design emblazoned with a Union Jack on the 'bonnet'. The number plate state's 'Kid on Tour' which Tyne loved and thinks is hilarious! The added carry handle on the top of the case is also very handy for us adults when loading or unloading.

The Zinc Flyte mini scooter is an ingenious combination of fold up scooter and generously sized suitcase. The cases are available in a variety of sizes, all with fun and funky designs, whilst the scooter is super lightweight and so easy to collapse and set up. Simply press a button to extend the handle bars, and lift the deck of the scooter to fix it firmly in place with a reassuring click and your little one is away!

To collapse the scooters handlebars, simply depress the small metal holding pin and push down.
For the deck, simply pull the deck away from the case and fold up-It's then locked in place without any fears of it suddenly falling down.

The scooter design features two large wheels at the front and a small wheel to the rear. We were particularly impressed with the stability of the scooter even with a child of Tyne's age in charge of it.
Chunky rubber handle bars provide a great grip for little ones hands without being too wide for small fingers to hold securely.The deck of the scooter is wide enough for a little ones feet to sit comfortably without becoming cumbersome or intrusive and features two 'ribs' for added strength on the underside.

The suitcase features an elasticated adjustable strap inside the main body to help hold things in place, whilst the inside of the front shell has a zippable mesh pouch-Ideal for holding all the small loose objects your little one doesn't want spilling out all over the case!

Key Features

1) 21 Litre Capacity-Plenty of room inside for those all essential things for little ones

2)Rock n' Roll Steering-Stable steering system for added stability

3) Secure Integrated Deck-Locking deck system for secure travel-Folds up and locks in place

4) Stash and Strap-Inner Pocket and secure straps to help keep thing in place

5) Carry Handle-So grown ups can grab and go!

6) Cabin Sized-Designed to stow in overhead compartments

Currently available in two sizes with a third due in Autumn of this year, the Zinc Flyte Scooter comes in Mini for ages 2-4, Midi for ages 4-8 and Maxi due to be released soon. This means that as your child grows a new 'travel buddy' can accompany them on their adventures!

Tyne's case has already been loaded up with Thomas toys, superhero figures, Lego and favourite stuffed toys and there's still room for anything he may pick up whilst on holiday-more than this however it's the first thin he reaches for when we tell him we're going somewhere and we think he already believes his case is the best part of any trip!

The Zinc Flyte scooter is available in the UK from Toys R' Us, Hamleys and Halfords to name but a few and the RRP is £59.99 for the Mini and prices starting at £62.99 for the Midi.

Do you have any funny travel stories with your children? If so I'd love to hear about them so please leave them in the comments section below! Thanks for reading!

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