Sunday, 31 July 2016

Me & Mine July

The photos you're seeing this month were very nearly scrapped.

I fear that as I've begun to enjoy photography more, I've become a bit too caught up in trying to capture perfect images with just the right lighting and just the right styled look - I always have an image in my mind of how I want the photos we get to look and when they turn out totally "wrong" I get easily frustrated.

We took our photos this month during an inpromptu picnic in the park - we always have a picnic blanket in the boot of our car but it's one we bought when Tyne was a baby and, as you can see, our family has outgrown it!! 
 On this particular day things had been a bit rubbish - I was feeling very unwell (as it turned out, it was the start of a 3 day long nasty stomach bug) and was feeling progressively worse as the picnic went on - Tyne had been going stir crazy in the house all day, and was desperate to let off some steam so we decided to scrap our dinner plans, throw some sausage rolls into a bag and head for a picnic.

As we were going out, I grabbed the camera and decided to kill two birds with one stone and get this months family photos - unfortunately the skies turned grey very quickly and there wasn't enough natural light left, there was no parking at all and so we ended up too far away from the pretty spot we would have liked (and unwilling to drag 3 children and a picnic basket all that way!), and Tyne was just DYING to get away and go and play!

But we tried...and at the time I declared the photos awful and unusable, and said we'd just try again another day when I wasn't feeling quite so rough and the light was better.

But as it turned out, that's been the theme for the whole of July - one or all of us has been sick with colds, bugs or infections of one kind or another. Everyday has been busy - full of annoying chores, appointments and endless to-do lists. And the kids seem to all be going through stages of clinginess and various challenges - teething, night waking, fear of being alone, etc. 

All in all - July has been a challenging month.

But when I came to look at these photos again today, they didn't seem so bad after all - they're not perfect. But they're us...and they're ok.

And that pretty much sums up July....when it was happening it all felt a bit hard and overwhelming, but now that I'm looking back on it - it wasn't all that bad. It was ok.

But's hoping for a more relaxing and healthy August, hey?!

This Month, Mummy Is Loving:

*The return of Gilmore Girls thanks to Netflix - I am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement for the brand new series coming later this year and loving the chance to rewatch all of the old seasons!

*Having LOADS of  of other things to watch to watch too - Big Brother, Orange Is The New Black, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Stranger Things - the choices are endless - if only there was more time to watch them!

*The lighter evenings meaning 7.30 pm trips to the local fairground are perfectly do-able - who cares if the kids don't go to sleep until 10, its summer!! woo hoo!

Daddy Is Loving:

*Anticipation for his birthday - only 3 days to wait!

*Having our car back after days without it when it broke down

*Watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix - finally a show that we both find hilarious!

Tyne Is Loving:

*Anything to do with Ghostbusters - even though he's never seen it, it doesn't matter - he still knows all of the character names and is obsessed with Slimer?!

*Visits to the arcade and the fairground - and his first ever ride on the bumper cars now that he's finally tall enough!

*Staying over at Nanny & Gagands brand new caravan - he had his first ever sleep over this month!

Noah Is Loving:

*Learning lots of new words - this week he surprised us all by pointing to the TV when Hotel Transylvania was on (AGAIN),  pointing at Frankenstein and saying "Frank!" as clear as day! (Might be a sign that Tyne watches it far too much?!)

*Getting more confident on his feet and running about everywhere

*Walks in the woods

*Splashing about in the paddling pool

Sailor Is Loving:

*His new wrist rattles

*Laughing at Daddy's silly voices

*His new tummy time playmat

*His big brothers

Oh and here is my favourite of the photos we took....I told you Tyne was pretty desperate to get the photos over with and go to play!! 

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