Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Must Have Items For Keeping Your Garden Great This Summer

Now that summer is (supposedly) upon us, most of us will be keen to spend more time in our gardens and I for one am keen to get ours looking it's best again after a pretty damaging winter!

We live on the coast and our garden tends to take a bit of a battering through the winter months, so that when summer rolls around and we venture outside we usually find ourselves greeted by uprooted plants and trees, lots of debris and just general untidyness!

So we've been getting our greenfingers on and trying to sort things out lately, but I soon found that our gardening supplies stash was extremely limited - when you find yourself trying to replant things using an actual household fork, you know its time to get yourself some proper equipment!

For any similarly gardening-challenged people out there, here's my list of Must Haves for Garden maintenance this summer.

1) Watering Can

It sounds pretty obvious but it's something we didn't have, and I soon discovered that numerous trips back and forward to the tap with a milk bottle was very tedious!! A decent capacity watering can will only set you back a couple of pounds and is well worth having. Getting a mini one for your little helpers is also worthwhile, or else they're just going to want to keep taking your one!

2) A shovel/spade

Avoid using your household cutlery like I was, and pick yourself some good quality gardening tools such as a spade, shovel and garden fork. Again the cost isn't that much but they really do make all the difference.

3) Some decent gardening gloves

These were something I thought I could do without, after all - I'm not somebody who does much gardening very often so why would I need them, right? WRONG. An hour of weeding soon left me covered in endless scratches and hives, you just don't know what you might be shoving your hand into when you're dealing with nature and don't even talk to me about how long I spent trying to get the dirt out of my finger nails!
And anyway, you can buy some absolutely gorgeous gardening gloves these days so it's a nice excuse to treat yourself...if you write the Orla Kiely name on pretty much anything, I'll want to buy it!

4) Knee Savers

Yes you can just use a cushion, but when you look at how low in price knee savers are and the fact that not only do they have a pad to kneel on to allow you comfort while working low to the ground but they can also be flipped over and used as a seat for other tasks - they're worth the investment in my opinion!

5) Compact Hose

These are just great for watering pots on the patio, and weigh half as much as a traditional hose so are perfect for the more feeble among us - they also take up far less storage space and don't cost too much either - win win!

With this little backyard kit I should have our garden looking great in no time! What would be your recommendations for  must have gardening goodies?

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