Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sailor at 5 Months

Dear Sailor,

This update is a little bit late again - you actually turned 5 months old on 12th July so you're 5 and a half months now! Eek!

It seems just crazy to think that next month I'll have a 6 month old - where do these first months go?!

Having said that though, it's so hard to remember a time when you weren't around - you've fitted right in and it seems like you've always been here. 

Nothing much has changed since last month's update - you're still sleeping well of a night, although the past night or so you've struggled with the heat which hasn't been fun for any of us!

We still haven't weaned you yet, but we'll be introducing some solids in a couple of weeks time when you turn 6 months old - you're the first of our babies to make it to 6 months without being given any solids which seems strange, as Tyne and Noah both weaned early at 5 months, but you just don't seem to need it - you seem to be getting everything you need from your milk and are already by far the chunkiest of our babies at this age! Which is odd considering you were the teeniest at the newborn stage!

We did try you with a taste of peach puree last week but you were not keen at all and you weren't opening your mouth for the food or swallowing any of it, so it seems like you need a little longer.

You are such a happy little character and still rarely cry, you love people and just love getting attention - luckily for you your big blue eyes and long lashes draw people in and you get a lot of fuss made of you wherever we go. At the fairground this evening you had a crowd of people around your pram cooing over you and you just loved it.

You're in size 3 nappies now, and I'm still putting you in 6-9 months clothing in this heat as I feel like you need them to be loose.

You've been cooing, gurgling and laughing a lot lately - especially at both of your brothers, you seem to just love them and your face lights up when either one of them come to talk to you - which they both do often as they adore you too! You are very fussed over by both of them!

You've been enjoying tummy time on your new Skip Hop playmat, and have even had some time in the Jumperoo - you love it as much as both of your brothers did, we've really had our moneys worth out of that jumperoo!

You seem to be teething as you're drooling a lot and chomping on everything you can, but it doesn't seem to be troubling you too much as you never get upset with it - we've been so lucky as Tyne and Noah didn't have any problems with teething either and never got upset with it, so touch wood it seems like you might be the same way *fingers crossed* - I've had a good feel around though and there are no teeth poking through yet.

Noah got his two front teeth together at 6 months, but Tyne didn't get any until 10 months so you could go either way - who knows!

I have yet to make any effort to see if you can sit up, as to be honest I haven't really even thought about the fact that you're 6 months old soon and will be getting ready to do those things - to me you're still a tiny baby!! 

Well that's all of our news for now.

We all love you lots our little Sailor Moon.

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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