Friday, 15 July 2016

Siblings In July

Have you ever tried to get a teething and drooly 5 month old, a constantly wriggling 15 month old and a 3 year old who cannot keep still for more than 30 seconds into the same frame for a photograph, all looking at the camera at once, all facing forward and all keeping still enough to avoid a blurred picture?

If so...have you THEN decided to add SAND into that scenario?

No? Just me who temporarily lost my mind and thought this would make for a GREAT photo opportunity, then?!

This month I bought these super adorable corresponding tops for the boys and I thought they'd be great for their Siblings photo - Sailor's says "Little Brother", Noah's say "Big Brother" and Tyne's says "Oh Brother!" - I laughed out loud when I stumbled across them on the GAP website and knew instantly that they were ideal for my trio and I had visions of getting a super cute photo of them all wearing them together, which would be looked back on for years to come!

What I didn't bargain for was just how absolutely impossible it is to get three children of these ages to all face their bodies in the same general direction and sit up straight enough for a photograph to be taken in which the tops are even visible - Whoops!

Oh well - you'll just have to take my word for it - they look pretty funny wearing them!

The problem when you decide to snap some photos of your kids on the sand, is that...well...there's sand!! 

They will absolutely NOT be looking anywhere near your camera when there is sand around...all they will be interested in is digging in it....

Eating handfuls of it...

And laughing at their baby brothers disgust at how it tastes...

Oh well, lesson month we'll just take our photos indoors! It's so much easier!

This month the boys relationship has continued to grow, and I'm pleased to say that after last months rocky patch between Tyne & Noah - things are on the up!

There's still plenty of arguments over toys (By arguments, I mean wrestling and snatching!) but they ARE managing to play together more which is lovely to see...Tyne has started to refer to Noah as "Dennis"...whenever he takes ones of Tyne's toys or does anything a little bit cheeky, Tyne says "Oh you little Dennis!"...I asked him what that means and he said "Coz he's a little Dennis The Menace!"..I thought this must be something he heard from his Nan, but she said it wasn't so when I asked where he'd heard it...he said "Nowhere, I just made it up...coz he's just like Dennis The Menace".

Tyne is still very much besotted with Sailor, and spends a lot of time chatting to him, cuddling him, kissing him and generally adoring him - I'm not sure why he's taken such a shine to Sailor and I do wonder when, if at all, he'll start to get bored of him but at the moment Sailor is by far Tyne's favourite person!

It seems Sailor has worked his charm on both of his brothers actually, as Noah is also still full of nothing but cuddles and kisses for his "baba" as he calls him...he loves to snuggle up next to Sailor whenever he's on his baby gym, lay his head on Sailor's and kiss is pretty heart melting to see! 

Sailor certainly is spoiled with affection from his big brothers at the moment!

Over the coming months as Sailor starts to grow, and learns to sit up and play more, I'm intrigued to see how the dynamics change and evolve between the three of them. 

Let's see what August brings!

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