Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer Days

 I've admitted before that I'm really not the biggest fan of summer.

I'm one of those people who has a moan when the days are getting hot, grumbling about how I'd rather be too cold than too hot and all the rest of it - I can't help it, I'm a deathly pale person who burns to a crisp as soon as they step into the sun and so sunbathing has never been an option for me (I've frazzled whilst wearing factor 50 before!) - I hate the feeling of being too hot and breathing in warm air makes me feel all claustrophobic and flustered, even if I'm outside!

Add in all of the flies and bugs, the pressure to get outside and "enjoy it", the sticky fingers from all the sun lotion you need to slather on the kids, the stress of trying to get TWO babies to keep their hats on at once and the fact that my children point blank refuse to sleep in the heat - and there in a nutshell you have why I'm more of a Winter girl!

But my eldest doesn't share my views - he loves nothing more than sunny days and being outside, and so when I heard that we were due the hottest day of the year I decided I needed to - for his sake - force myself to get involved in a bit of Summer Fun.

I ordered the funnest looking paddling pool I could find (Much to the delight of Jon who had to blow it up by mouth because I forgot to order a pump!), a hosepipe and a gazebo and the next day we were all set.

Of course, in typical Noah fashion he toddled out - took one look at the big plastic rainbow coloured fun zone and screamed hysterically, backing away as fast as he could - he seems to take after his mother more!

But Tyne was delighted - he squealed with glee at the sight of the pool, and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing about, soaking us all, pretending the flower sprinkler was a firemans hose and he was Fireman Sam, going down the little slide, and generally just screaming with delight.

Noah soon came around once he saw how much fun his big brother was having and joined in - tentatively dipping a toe in at first, then leaping in and joining in with Operation Soak Mummy.

And as I sat there - watching my two boys laugh and play together, conspiring to splash me and egging each other on - seeing them as the little troublesome twosome that they've become these days (I did try to involve Sailor but he was having none of it and went back inside with his Dad!), feeling the sun beat down on my skin and looking out to the sea from our back garden, not a single cloud in the sky - I had to admit....Summer isn't all bad.

Infact, dare I say it, I could get used to days like that. 

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