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The Perfect Mattress From Bruno Sleep

If you are considering the purchase of a new bed, it's worth taking in to account the quality of mattress you'll be sleeping on.

Getting a night of quality sleep can be a cure for so many of life's troubles, but managing to achieve a good night's sleep can be easier said than done.

Often, an overlooked factor is your mattress. That’s why it’s important to read reviews like this or you can read mattress guides like that on Top Mattress here.

When you realise how much time the average human spends sleeping (approximately one third of your life according to statistics) it is vital that you choose a mattress that will provide many years of comfort from a manufacturer you can trust.

One such manufacturer is Bruno Sleep. Founded in Berlin by Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer, the company has worked to create what they believe to be the  "ultimate sleep experience": the Bruno Mattress. The idea for Bruno came about following conversations with tired colleagues working in fast paced jobs who often found themselves lacking in a good night's sleep. After discussing the situation, the pair discovered that the problems with sleep quality were due to their mattresses.

After much research into traditional mattresses and their manufacturing, Felix and Andreas were shocked to find that a high quality mattress that would meet the standards required would often retail at £1200 and above. The pair decided to set about creating a high quality mattress for all types of sleepers, at a fair price.

Hundreds of tests, discussions with orthopaedic experts, and research in to high quality materials later, the Bruno Mattress became a reality.

The Bruno consists of a removable quilted top layer, a naturally hypoallergenic and air-permeable latex top layer, and a 7-zone ergonomic support base made from high density polyurethane foam. These allow the Bruno to adapt to surrounding conditions whilst providing optimum comfort. Over 10,000 mattresses have been sold to customers in Germany and France and the Netherlands-and now at last at the Bruno is available in the UK.

Bruno states 'Only the best materials make a Bruno' and each one is hand crafted by experts.
Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure each Bruno is made to the highest standards and every mattress leaves them in perfect condition.

One of the really clever design features is that the Bruno can be rolled to a fraction of its size for transportation. This cuts down on packaging and costs; creating less waste material which is good news for the environment. The savings which are made are passed directly on to customers, which is one of the reasons Bruno Sleep is able to offer such a fair price. You can read about the other reasons how Bruno are able to offer such a fair price for high quality here.

The Bruno Mattress is available in Single, Double, EU Double, King, EU King and Super King sizes and can be purchased via with prices starting at £350.

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