Thursday, 21 July 2016

Which Household Appliance Could You Not Live Without?!

Now call me crazy but I tend not to have too much of an emotional attachment to any of the appliances in my home...I mean, they're just things at the end of the day, right?!

But I recently came across a Twitter poll which asked users this very question - Which appliance would could you not live without? - and the firm response was, overwhelmingly, the fridge freezer.

It got me wondering what my own answer would be.

Now we don't have a dishwasher so that's out straight away, but when it comes down to a choice between my washing machine, oven/hob and fridge freezer - I struggle!

First I thought "Well I could be without the washing machine, I'd just wash things by hand like they did years ago"...but then I realised that my laundry basket is already completely overflowing pretty much constantly as it is, and that's with me shoving 20+ items into it about twice a day - so where exactly would I find the time to handwash 40 things a day?! Eeek! So no...I definitely need my washing machine.

Then I thought "Ok so I'd give up the oven and hob then, as long as I could keep the microwave" - but then I realised that would mean no more roast potatoes or oven baked pizzas - I mean come on, a life with only soggy microwaved pizzas is a life half lived, surely?!!

So that brought me to the fridge freezer - could I ever really be without my good old American Style  Fridge Freezer?!! Without it, where would I poke my head in search of a little square of  something sweet to pick me up when the kids are driving me up the wall?! Even my 3 year old has already started to wander over the fridge and open it to mooch around for something to munch on when he gets's a staple of our home!

So I came to the conclusion that I could not pick just one household appliance that I couldn't live without - I simply cannot be without any of them!! I need ALL OF THE THINGS! Thank goodness I wasn't born 100 years ago because I just cannot see myself hacking it....Blur got it completely, Modern life is FAR from rubbish. Thank god for all the stuff!

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