Monday, 22 August 2016

Go with Something Different This Summer And Try A Plus-Size Tankini

There is a strange divide in the fashion world between social standards and the needs of real women. On one hand, the general clothing industry uses every tool at their disposal to convince consumers that the only way to look good and enjoy great fashion is by being physically perfect — and below a size 8. On the other hand, the same industries know that if they don't have the support of average people, their businesses will fail. 

In the last few years the industry has seen an amazing turnaround — especially in the world of swimwear. More and more plus size women are discovering ways to shop for flattering styles for the beach, the pool, and on vacation. Swimwear designers are boosting their lines to accommodate the revolution of personality, confidence, and outgoing nature of the modern plus size woman. There are two notable elements to this revolution. One is the emergence of incredible new swimsuit styles. The other is “curve advocacy” by outspoken fashion pros. 
Robyn Lawleyis the perfect example of a curvy woman who is helping redefine swimwear beauty. She is an Aussie and a mom who has had the wonderful fortune of being hired by magazines like Sports Illustrated, the organizers of The Miami Swim Week, and more. She acknowledges she has never been, and never will be waifish. Instead, she promotes health, confidence, and classic sexiness. While stunningly beautiful, she understands the trouble most women face when choosing swimwear. 

Above all, new design trends are encouraging plus size women to venture out, and finally brave wearing the swimwear they love. Another outspoken plus size model, Ashley Graham, has recently partnered with online swimwear retailer swimsuitsforall to offer a sexy, trendy new swimwear lineup. Finally, women between the sizes of 8 and 34 have realistic swimwear options at affordable prices. Check out to see the full line of high-waisted bikinis, ruched one-pieces, swimdressesmonokinistankinis, and more on offer. 

Though the tankini style was popularized back in the 90s, they are only now making a worldwide and media-wide comeback. It's extremely difficult to find custom plus size designs in regular department stores, but online retailers have all the styles you could wantBy embracing the online shopping phenomenon to find bikinis, tankinis, sundresses, matching accessories, and more, women can be a part of the new plus size, body positive revolution 

Feeling sexy is all about confidence, and when shopping for your shape, it is much easier to find that perfect bikiniskirtini, or tankini that makes you look fierce and fabulous.Not only can the perfect plus size swimsuits be found online, but also at the right price. As long as all women continue to realize that they are beautiful and deserve to have fun where ever a great swimsuit is required, online shopping is their most powerful tool. Flattering new designs, real women role models, and shopping convenience gives plus size women a reason to finally enjoy who they want to be. 

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