Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Me & Mine In August

This month I tried my absolute hardest to be super organised with our monthly family photos, infact the ones we've ended up using were taken back on August 1st!

I wasn't too happy with them though - they were taken around 9pm one evening on the seafront and although the sunset was beautiful and the skies were the pinkest I have ever seen, it didn't translate that well on camera and so I wanted a do-over.

Thinking we had looooads of time, I was sure I wouldn't end up using these ones...and so, every single family day out that we've had since (And there's been about 15 of them, we have literally been all over the place this month!), I have got the tripod out and tried to get some more no avail!

Every single one we've tried has been a joke...I'll share them at the end of this post because lets face it, at this point my outtakes are becoming more of a regular feature than a decent family photo is, aren't they?!


Back to the photos we've ended up using - as I mentioned they were taken at 9pm after an evening spent at the local fair ground.

This is very much a key feature of our summers - we live in a seaside town which is one of the UK's busiest tourist destinations...this has lots of drawbacks (such as the fact that it takes about an hour to complete a usually 5 minute long journey to the supermarket thanks to all the tourist traffic in the Summer!), but it also has lots of perks - one of them being that there is no shortage of summer fun, atmosphere and things to do around here!

The fairground comes to town every June, and stays until September - and as we all love it so much, we spend a lot of time there.

We visit usually once or twice a week throughout the summer, trying out the different rides, sampling the various fairground food offerings such as chips, doughnuts and candy floss, meeting the characters they have walking around and just generally having lots of fun.

On this particular evening, we'd taken a "McDonalds picnic" to the town green, and after eating it we'd headed over for an hour or so on the fair - this Summer is the first one that Tyne has been tall enough to ride the bumper cars and this particular evening had been his first go on them, he was delighted!

After the fair, we bought some doughnuts and walked along the seafront taking in the pretty sunset...which is when we set up the camera and snapped away.

This Month:

Daddy Is Loving:

*Watching Stranger Things on Netflix

*Visiting Kents Cavern

*Reading Green Eggs & Ham to the kids at bedtime

Mummy Is Loving:

*Seeing some great movies at the cinema including The BFG & Ghostbusters

*Reaching the 2 Stone award on her weight loss journey, and going down a dress size

*Making birthday wishlists and planning how to celebrate her birthday next month!

*The late Summer evenings out as a family

*Making travel plans

Tyne Is Loving:

*His first rides on the bumper cars

*Lots of days out with his cousins

*Visiting Nanny & Gagands new caravan lots

*His new Ghostbusters cd for the car

*Deciding where to go on our next holiday

Noah Is Loving:

*Saying "NO!" to everything he is asked

*Singing "Noah, Noah!" when we ask him "Who built the ark?"

*Counting! We discovered that he knows how to count "1,2,3" this week!

*Running about

Sailor Is Loving:

*Chewing on anything he can find


*Giving big slobbery kisses

*Blowing raspberries

*Doing "Shall We dance"

*** are this month's outtakes...

I had high hopes for the below photo shoot attempt...this one was almost ok apart from the sun blinding us all...

But then....take a look at this one!
Mummy: Not bad...
Noah: Nailed it!
Daddy: Passable
Sailor: Well he's a baby, it's fine..
Tyne...OH DEAR.

And for the grand finale, my favourite attempt of all!


If anyone wants to hire me for wedding photos or anything, get in touch.

If you'd like to take a look at our very hectic but super fun month in video form, take a look at Monthly Montage video below! (probably not that interesting to anyone but me as its just lots of clips of my kids on various days out to be fair, but why not share right?!)

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