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Perfect Gifts For Baby Number 2, 3, 4 and So On!

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts by hayley-mclean on Polyvore

When it comes to buying a gift for a new baby, it's always hard to know what to go for...but when you're buying for somebody's second, third, fourth or whatever number baby - it gets even more complicated.

You worry that they already have everything they need, you worry that they've seen it all really can be hard to know where to start.

Of course most parents will be grateful for any gift that they receive (not least because subsequent babies arrivals often go largely uncelebrated in comparison to a first born!) and it goes without saying that a gift is not a requirement - but many people simply want to show their happiness at the arrival of a new life into the world with a gift, and so - if you're struggling with what to buy, here are a few suggestions of things that I would have loved for my third child.

1) Fabric Name Letters - or any name letters, really! A friend of mine makes wooden letters for childrens rooms, and she made us some lovely ones when my first son was born - they were one of my favourite gifts as they were so personal and they are something that are still displayed in his room, and will be for as long as I have my way!

Any baby, no matter what number it is, could be gifted with something like this and it always be a lovely gift.

These letters in particular are from Not On The High Street.

2) A Gift Hamper - a hamper such as this beautiful Peter Rabbit one is a timeless, classic gift - this set contains a cuddly toy, a comforter, and a Babys First Year record book - all of which are items that are lovely to have as new for each child, and so this makes a perfect gift for a new baby regardless of whether its a second or third born, or so on.

3) A Baby Blanket - although the parents may have other blankets to use from previous babies, it is always nice for a new baby to have their very own blanket and in the newborn days and beyond, blankets are something that always come in handy - they are also lovely to keep in a baby box once the child outgrows the blanket as a lovely reminder of their babyhood.

This particular blanket is just beautiful, it's from Bronte Baby Merino Heart blanket from Dunedin Cashmere - a company who specialise in high quality cashmere clothing and home items (they also have an amazing sale on at the moment!)

4) A Personalised Book - Personalised items always make lovely baby gifts, and this cute book from Not On The High Street all about The Day You Were Born is just perfect - something to be treasured for ever.

5) Rompers - A lot of people think that buying clothing for babies with older siblings is wasteful as often parents will be using hand me down items, but personally baby clothes are my favourite gift to recieve - It doesn't matter to me how many hand me down items I may have, I still love to have new things for each baby as well - Jojo Maman Bebe have these super sweet romper suits in at the moment and I just love them!

What were your favourite gifts for your babies?

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