Saturday, 6 August 2016

Seconds Matter: Living With Arthritis

What difference does a second or two make in your average day?

If you're running behind schedule a little, what effect is that likely to have on your day? Will you be late for the school run or work? Miss the bus or train? Miss an important deadline? Miss the opportunity to meet a friend when you arranged to?

For people living with arthritis, the every day seemingly simple tasks that we often take for granted can take a lot longer to complete - things like brushing your teeth in the morning, taking a shower or a bath, even making your morning cup of coffee - all of these things can be painful and time consuming to do when you're living with arthritis.

And when those additional seconds add up through the day, every day - it can have a harsh effect on people's lives.

To raise awareness for World Arthritis Day, Premier Bathrooms challenged twins Nick and John to go about their morning routine and meet their mum for lunch - whilst Nick wore an arthritis simulation suit.

To take a look at how they got on with the challenge, take a look here:

It's estimated that around 10 MILLION people living in the UK are suffering with arthritis in varying degrees.

My grandma was a sufferer and one of the things I always remember about her is her hands - her fingers were always in a grasping position, her knuckles were so stiff that she couldn't move them - I remember asking her about it as a child and her telling me that her hands made it difficult for her to do things like chop vegetables or turn pages in books, and that the saddest part for her was that she'd had to stop knitting as she just couldn't manage it anymore.

To donate to the National Arthritis charity or to access information such as 5 Tips To Help Living with Arthritis - take a look at Premier Bathrooms Seconds Matter campaign

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