Monday, 15 August 2016

Siblings In August

 Back when I just had two children (Which was actually only for 10 months before number 3 was born!...), I developed a bit of a love of matching outfits for my boys.

My mum always used to love to dress me and my sister the same when we were kids, and I remember HATING I never thought I'd do the same thing with my children...but little did I know that there is just something undeniably appealing about the sheer CUTE FACTOR that comes from having your little darlings dressed identically in my opinion.

But now that there are 3 of them - I've developed a new Fashion Passion...rather than having them matching (Which I still like to do from time to time, particularly with the older 2...) I now just love dressing them in coordinating clothing!
Any kind of theme that can run through all of their clothes is a winner for last month's photos with their corresponding "brother" outfits...this month, I have a little trio of Lemons!!

Tyne in his plain Lemon print t shirt, Noah in his all yellow "Main Squeeze" lemon ensemble (looking like the most 70's baby I ever did see!) and Sailor in his little "I could just squeeze you" lemon motif romper....What can I say?!! I can't help myself!!!

If only getting my little band of brothers to pose for these monthly photos was as easy as buying them cute outfits was, I'd be sorted!

But sadly...the three of them seem to be on a mission to thwart any efforts I make to get a nice photograph of them together...I'll be sharing some of the outtakes from this little photo session on Wednesday (because it was just too ridiculously difficult not to share!), but until then....let's just keep to the few decent photos I managed to get.

Yep...let them sit on Daddy's head, and the smiles come out at last! (Well...unless you're Sailor...then you won't smile for anything or anyone until the camera is AWAY)

We also had an impromptu photo session earlier in the month when the boys were all dressed up to go out for Daddy's birthday meal - It wasn't planned so the photos are just on our sofa but when I saw how cute they all looked together dressed in their smart outfits, I had to get some snaps and I couldn't not share them!

So how are the boys getting on this month?

Tyne & Noah - things are getting a bit easier this month after weeks of bickering and "fighting" over toys - Noah still loves to play with anything that Tyne has and Tyne still hates it because Noah is "ruining his game" but he seems to have started to learn how best to handle it and offer him some other toys to distract him. Of course, that doesn't always work and we do still have lots of "GET OFF NOAH THAT'S MINE!" and screams of sheer disgust from Noah in return!

As has always been the case, Noah thinks Tyne is the most hilarious person in the world and is now copying EVERYTHING he does...if Tyne shouts, Noah shouts! If Tyne screams, Noah screams! If Tyne runs, Noah runs. Tyne has taken to calling him "My shadow" and he's not wrong!

Tyne & Sailor - Tyne still dotes on his littlest brother and asks to hold him, or goes over to give him cuddles and say he loves him. Sailor is always full of smiles for Tyne whenever he sees him, but isn't a fan when Tyne gets loud!
Lately Sailor has been weaning and Tyne loves to get involved with feeding him.

Noah & Sailor - Their relationship hasn't changed much, Noah still just adores Sailor and goes over to cuddle him every few minutes. He lays his head on Sailor's lap, and says "Aaaah baba" just like he has done for months - Sailor is always happy to see him and is full of smiles for his big brother - except for when Noah steals his dummy, which he does a LOT - these three certainly seem to know the pecking order and Noah totally knows that while he may not be able to over rule Tyne, he CAN with Sailor - and he makes the most of it!

The two of them seem really in sync with each other somehow, and - despite the fact that they're both still babies - they have a closeness that is hard to explain. Whenever one of them cries, the other one cries too...every time. And if Sailor isn't in the room, Noah looks around for him shouting "SAI! SAI!" until he's back or we point him out on the baby monitor. If Noah is downstairs when Sailor starts to cry upstairs, Noah picks the baby monitor up and says "Ssssh Sai!" and hands it to me with a sad face until we go and bring his baby brother down....he's so very protective of him and always concerned for him...strange for such a 16 month old to be so aware, I think!

So that's my trio in August! We'll be back next month to see how their relationship has changed - can you believe we're already that far through the year?!

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