Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stress Free Sun Protection From Ambre Solaire's Easy Peasy Kids Range

 Living in Devon, our immediate go-to for days out is always the beach.

We are totally spoiled for amazing beaches nearby, with several just down the road from our house.

We alternate the ones we visit to keep it interesting, but regardless of which one we head to...Tyne is always just as happy.

As long as he's free to spend the entire day digging in the sand, jumping the waves, exploring the rock pools and running free...he is one happy little boy.

Last week we headed there for the day  and for hours he kept himself entertained - playing pirates,with his bucket & spade, his pirate treasure chest to bury and hunt for, and his beloved toy diggers.

And Jon & I got to sick back and relax, watching him play, feeling the sunshine on our faces and the sand between our toes - it was quite possibly the most chilled out day that we'd had in a while.

But as much as we love our days out on the beach, there are always a few little issues when you have such little of them being sun protection.

Trying to get the younger children to keep their hats on can be a struggle in itself, but thankfully Tyne is at an age now where he understands that it's important (Although when these photos were taken it was actually quite overcast so no hat needed!) - but he HATES sun cream.

Especially on the beach, where the sand sticks to it and makes him itchy and uncomfortable.

During this visit, we decided to try out the new Anti-Sand Spray from Garnier Ambre Solaire's new Easy Peasy range - it offers maximum protection and is applied in a light mist by a spray bottle (which I much prefer to a traditional heavy hand-applied  lotion which us all feeling sticky!) - it's incredibly easy to apply as the bottle allows you to continuously spray it at any angle - meaning that hard to reach areas like backs of knees and behind ears are all easy to reach.

And best of all - the sand-repelling action works a treat leaving Tyne no with yucky scratchy itchy sand sticking to his legs - no matter how many times he buries himself in it or rolls about in it!

Garnier Ambre Solaire's Easy Peasy range also offers a Wet Skin Lotion which provides maximum water-resistant sun protection and can be applied to wet or dry skin, without dilution, uneven coverage or lack of effectiveness - this is ideal for children who want to splash about in the sea or days in the paddling pool and splash parks too.

We enjoyed a fantastic day at the beach with no sticky sand or sun protection worries, and minimal stress when applying it too - we give Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Sun Protection 5 stars!

Ambre Solaire's Easy Peasy sun protection range is available in all good retailers, to find out more please click here

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