Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Realities Of Photographing 3 Under 4: Wicked Wednesdays

As you may have noticed, I love joining in with photo projects on my blog...particularly the monthly Siblings project which involves sharing a photo of your children together.

Each month I browse through the many linked up photographs of lovely children arm in arm with their brothers and sisters, sitting cuddled together or side by side in some idyllic setting, having fun, laughing, smiling...they are beautiful to see.

And then I try to take photographs of my own 3 children.

And this is what happens.

Me: "Right kids, let's sit you all together on this lovely sunny day under this three while Mummy takes a quick photo..."


Me: "Oh please darling, just one quick photo thats all...just sit with your brothers and it will be over in a moment..."

Tyne (Screaming): "NO! NO NO NO NO! I SAID NO PHOTOS!"

Me: (Slightly more agitated) "Stop screaming at me right now, please. Just sit there for one minute, it won't kill you"


Me: "Oh great...and Noah can pull duck faces now too?! Since when?!"


Me: "Oh Tyne come on, just sit down for one more photo...."


Me: "Please...come on, just one more?"

Tyne: (Sighing) "Okaaaaay..."

Me: "Good if you just smile nicely for one photo I'll give you a sweetie"

Tyne: (Really LOUD screaming voice) "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

Noah (1): 

Me: "Oh've frightened Noah...Noah it's ok! Come on, it's just Tyne being silly, don't be upset...Look at Mummy's funny face! Watch!! *blows raspberries and contorts face like a maniac while passersby look on in concern....*

Noah & Sailor (6 months):

Me:  RIGHT! Thats it! Forget it!!! Obviously I'm asking for the impossible here! Obviously it's just way to much to ask for one photo! Well fine! Just leave it!! 

*Storms off to scoff chocolate in secret*

Meanwhile, while I'm gone...Daddy picks up the camera and when I come back he presents me with this:


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