Saturday, 27 August 2016

Tonka Tough Mothers: Tonka Steel Mighty Fire Truck Review

Last week, my 3 year old received what is possibly the best thing he's ever been given so far in his life....(Those are his words, by the way)...a Tonka Steel Might Fire Truck!

I was recently chosen as a Tonka Tough Mother, and this was our first assignment as part of this role.

Now when I was informed that we would be receiving a Tonka Steel product in the post for Tyne to try out, I expected something quite small - of course I was familiar with the Tonka name and knew that they had 70 years experience of manufacturing high quality, tough, durable toys but as my son has only just become interested in toy vehicles - we hadn't had yet bought anything from the range.

When it arrived, I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer size of it - so you can imagine how excited my son was!

The fire engine is super chunky you can tell that Tonka really do mean business with the Lifetime Guarantee that they offer - yes that's right, Tonka believe that toys should never break just because children play with them and so they build their toys to TRULY last - and are so confident of this, that the toys are guaranteed for life! How many other toy brands do you know of who offer that?!

Tonka’s Steel range is a classic and the toys are the perfect way for kids to delve into the world of construction play. The vehicles are made from real steel with chunky tyres and there is a wide range to choose from - from cranes to trucks and more.

My son is currently going through a real love affair with fire engines, and so this was the perfect one for him to receive - he loves that there's an open space to sit his character toys inside and act as drivers, and he loves the rescue ladder too.

Of course, given the size of it, the first thing he wanted to do was sit and ride on it - I tried to stop him as of course this is not what these toys are made for and I worried he might damage it - but he didn't, infact the toy didn't falter under his weight at all - they really are built that tough!

This has been the go to toy in our house for the last couple of weeks and my sons love for it shows no signs of wavering - the only problem we have is that his 16 month old brother loves it too, much to the 3 year olds dismay!!!

The Tonka Steel collection is available from Argos soon with prices starting from £19.99 -  (Mighty Fire Truck priced at £49.99).

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