Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What Is The #SoundOfHappy?

What does happiness sound like to you?

It's a surprisingly difficult question isn't it? If you asked me what happiness looked like I'd be able to answer much easier, but asking me what it sounds like left me thinking.

I would probably say that the sound of my children's laughter is what happiness sounds like to me, there is nothing that fills my heart more than to hear my baby sons first giggles or to hear my older two laugh as they play together - it really does bring a tear to my eye.

C & G BabyClub are asking their followers what sounds make their babies happy...this was an easy one for me to answer when it comes to Sailor as he's just in that stage where he's starting to laugh more - he loves nothing more than to be talked to, and just yesterday Jon decided to talk to him in a funny Mockney accent - to my surprise Sailor gave the biggest laugh I've ever heard and carried on chuckling for as long as Jon performed the accent - I wouldn't have thought a baby so young would have noticed a change in voice but he really did and so silly voices seem to be something that he loves to hear!

The campaign reminds me a little of that scene in Friends, where Ross & Rachel discover that they can make Emma laugh by singing "Baby Got Back" - and try as they might nothing else quite tickles her funny bone as much as inappropriate rap!

Noah, my 15 month old, also seems to have a thing for music and ever since watching Madascar a few weeks ago he has been obsessed with the song "I like to move it" - whenever I sing a line or two he laughs hysterically and gives us his best twerking! He gets a lot of pleasure from music in general, if you want a smile from Noah the most foolproof way of getting one is always to sing.

What sounds make/made your own baby happy?

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