Friday, 30 September 2016

Me & Mine: September 2016

We had quite a lot of choice for our Me & Mine photos this month as we took our tripod on our recent mini break to Cornwall, and ended up with a few family shots from the beach and Lands End...but my favourite ones were these which we took as an afterthought on our last day, as we were about to leave the hotel.

We spotted this little courtyard area with pretty trees and flowers, and so I balanced the camera on a BBQ, set the self timer and hoped for the best - some are a little fuzzy thanks to the autofocus but I love them anyway...the kids were all in such good moods that morning and I really think its shows, especially with the way Tyne and Noah are playing together and making each other laugh!

I can't believe September is already over and this will be the last sunny family photo for the month will (hopefully) be a more autumnal one - how has this year gone so quickly?!

September has been a good month though - although it was only a few days our break to Cornwall was lovely, and we all had such a nice time. We've also had some lovely days out locally too...and once September is over with I always feel like the countdown to Christmas can really begin, and what's not to love about that?!

This Month, Daddy Is Loving:

* Trying Gourmet Burger Kitchen for the first time

*Watching Narcos

Mummy is Loving:

*Organising our little trip to Disneyland Paris next week...planning, planning, planning!

*Reading her new Bill Bryson book

*Planning out lots of fun videos for The Parent Pod channel

Tyne Is Loving:

*Talking about going to "Disney Halloween Land" to meet Jack Skellington!

*Buying Halloween bits and pieces

*Listening to Ghostbusters on every single car journey!

Noah Is Loving:

*Dancing all of the time!

* Playing more with Sailor as he gets more independent

*Playing on the swings

Sailor Is Loving:


*His first go on the swings at the park

*Learning to sit up by himself

*Cutting his first tooth...well he didn't love it at the time but its better now that its through!

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