Friday, 30 September 2016

Peppa Pig Picnic Dough Playset

We were recently lucky enough to be sent the Peppa Pig Picnic Dough Playset from Character Online to review.

Having 3 small people in the house can be a bit hectic at times not to mention noisy, but creative play always turns the volume down a bit and really helps calm and relax out two older children.

Not only that but it is essential for young minds to grow and use their imagination as well as improving hand eye co-ordination.

For our two oldest children (Tyne and Noah) it's a chance for them to create things together and co-operate whilst doing so. It really is fascinating to watch them pass one another the various tools and items they are using to make things, chatting about their creations as they do so.

The squeals of delight from them when they first saw the case were incredible. When they realised what was in the case they nearly burst with excitement.

We have struggled recently to get Noah, our 18 month old, to play with dough as he seems to dislike the texture but as he's a fan of Peppa Pig he was intrigued by the set as soon as it arrived and although he still wasn't as keen as his older brother was, he did start to play with the dough a little more than he has done in the past.

The Peppa Pig Picnic Dough Playset has certainly brought out the little creative team in these two, and Noah in particular will now sit at the table for at least 45 minutes playing with it happily.

Included in the handy brightly coloured case are five pots of dough each with a moulded lid for extra fun, a play mat in the style of a picnic blanket, a dough press shaper (which the kids love!), scissors, a dough cutter, a 'fruit mould' and four character cutters. The child friendly tools all have rounded edges and the little cutters feature Peppa, George (Noah's favourite), Rebecca Rabbit and George's Dinosaur.

The boys roll, cut, assemble (and disassemble!) the characters time after time in new dough colours for new adventures and stories. The number of picnics and fruit feasts alone the characters have been on is truly spectacular! Best of all for parents, all the accessories and dough pots fit neatly in to the carry case, so no lost parts or having to find homes for the bits. Result!

The case is a real hit with our two eldest children and I'm sure it won't be long before the youngest is joining in with them creating adventures for Peppa, George and their friends. This is a great set for children and it certainly keeps mine occupied for hours

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