Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sailor is 6 Months Old - & We're Weaning!

Yes, just like that half a year has somehow passed in the blink of an eye and you, my little Sailor James, are 6 months old.

I don't quite know how we went from this teeny tiny little 6lb 4 oz thing who couldn't latch on to feed from breast or bottle, who wasn't gaining weight and was worrying us all with whether he'd have to spend some time in special care - to this bouncing baby boy with chubby rolls galore who looks 9 months old instead of 6!

Sometimes I forget how old you're  getting because you still seems like such a young baby to me - I've mentioned before how I'm taking everything so much slower this time, I don't know if you will be my last baby but just incase  I want to make the most of your babyhood - I don't want it to pass me by too quickly and I'm not ready to have you leaving behind this first stage of babyhood and start heading off into crawling and sitting up by yourself just yet.

Growing & Milestones

I'll be totally honest - I have never even tried to sit you up because I just forget that you're already at an age where you might start to do that - and I certainly have never encouraged any crawling! You're very much an in-arms baby who is usually carried around or cuddled, you get very little time down on the floor (which is necessary when there's a 16 month old stumbling around who has no sense of danger and would probably do you some serious damage if given half a chance!) - so it's safe to say that there is no sitting or crawling yet, and I am hopeful that there won't be for a couple of months yet.

Despite my best efforts, you are forcing some changes onto me - rolling all over the place, pulling yourself from lying position to sitting (though not holding it and flopping forward immediately!), and lately - outgrowing your bedside crib!

You're still in it right now and have plenty of room left lengthwise but  seem to be wriggling around at night a lot more and it doesn't give you enough width to move very much so you're thrashing at the sides - which is waking us both up!

We'll be moving you into a proper cot soon sadly and it's goodbye to the bedside crib!

As for sizes, you wear size 4 nappies now and are in size 6-9 month clothing.


The last couple of weeks have also seen us start weaning - we started very slowly as you didn't seem to be ready at first, but now we're up to 3 meals a day and doing really well.

I don't follow baby led weaning and haven't with any of my children, I know a lot of people swear by it but it is absolutely not for me due to my anxieties around choking and not something I have any intention of ever trying, and so spoon feeding is how we roll! It works for us.

We've been trying out some pouches by Piccolo - a new Organic baby food with a Mediterranean approach to promoting health and wellbeing via childhood nutrition - the flavours are really unusual, with offerings including Spring Greens with a hint of Mint, Peach & Apple with a hint of basil, Banana Blueberry and Apple, Cheery & Yoghurt (Sailor's favourite!) and Squash, Red pepper & Chickpea - all made with 100% natural, organic ingredients.

Piccolo’s founder, Cat Gazzoli, is the CEO of the Slow Food Movement (in the UK) and she certainly is an expert when it comes to food! Cat’s aim with Piccolo is to encourage healthy eating from 6 months and to introduce Mediterranean goodness in a delicious range of baby food. The range has been influenced by Cat’s Italian roots, background in food education and passion for good, honest and natural food. The Mediterranean approach to nutrition and lifestyle is one that champions fresh ingredients and great flavours, lovingly prepared, shared with friends and family.

Sailor has really been enjoying the pouches, and it's great to know that he's getting some real goodness from them and trying out a good range of flavours too - Piccolo stage 1 pouches are available from Waitrose & Ocado, more information please visit


You are, luckily, taking after Noah rather than Tyne when it comes to sleep and seems to love your bed! You are the first to go up, have a little bath and then to bed at around 7.30 pm - you don't need to be put to sleep, you just have a bottle and are put down in the crib - you fall asleep by yourself quickly, and have been sleeping straight through until around 7.30 am for the past month or so.

I didn't even notice that the 4/5 am wakings for a feed had stopped until I was writing this post to be honest, but now that I think about've been going straight through for about a month!


You are such a little character, always full of smiles and gurgles, always happy to see people and you just loves kisses!!! You opens your mouth wide whenever you're picked up, lean forward and give a big smacker!

You love to be tickled and talked to, are always chuckling at your  brothers (especially Noah!), and love watching Baby Tv and doing nursery rhymes.

You have been suffering really badly with teething lately, far more than your big brothers did which is sad to see - you can spend the whole day being really grizzly when you're suffering, I just hope some teeth pop through soon and give you some don't have any through yet.

Well that's all our news for this update, we love you all the world our little Sailor Moon

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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