Thursday, 15 September 2016

Siblings In September

Well...this image just about sums up my little trio lately!

A cheeky monkey of a 3 year old whose personality is developing more and more everyday - a little boy who loves nothing more than to play pranks, make jokes, pull faces and generally be silly!

A very very mischievous little 1 year old who is full of divilment, always getting himself into scrapes, fiercely independent, more than a handful but oh so cute and funny at the same time.

And a very nonchalant 7 month old who takes all of the mayhem around him in his stride, gets on with things without a fuss and generally isn't very bothered by anything!

The boys are so very different in looks but also in personality, yet when the three of them come together their different personalities seem to blend together so well and they compliment each other perfectly.

This month, infact this week, is the first time that the 3 of them have started to interact together as a group.

Up until now they'd interact in twos, but this week they've become a little team - Sailor likes to sit in his bumbo seat on the floor and over the past few days Tyne and Noah have found their way over to sit next to him while playing with their toys - last night Sailor started to reach for their toys and try to join in with their game, snatching a little fire truck from Noah's hand - Noah shouted "AAAH!!" as he did it, and Sailor started laughing away!

Noah took the truck back, and Sailor reached out and took it again...again Noah shouted "AHHH!" and again Sailor chuckled away to himself...All the while was doubled over in stitches laughing at the pair of them!

This went on for a good 10 minutes, in the end Noah started to laugh when Sailor did and it became a little joke between the three of them....and as cheesy as it sounds, I thought I might actually melt from all the cuteness watching the 3 of them playing and laughing together!

It felt like the first little glimpse at how their relationship and dynamics will be in the coming months and years, and it was just the cutest thing to see.

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