Saturday, 10 September 2016

Updating My Mum-Drobe With Dorothy Perkins Discount Codes

Now that Summer is well and truly on its way out, it's time for one of my favourite tasks of the year...

Sorting out our wardrobes for a new season!

Now don't get me wrong, I do hate having to go through the kids wardrobes and sort out what does and doesn't fit them anymore, what is in good enough condition to be passed down to a sibling, what needs to be taken to charity shops and what needs to just be thrown out, what is suitable to wear into the next season and what isn't and so on....

And is it just me, or do childrens wardrobes seem to retain wrong sized clothing for the entire year no matter how many times you think you've cleared it out?!

But those things aside...once the wardrobes are sorted, then comes the fun part...replenishing them! And I had some Dorothy Perkins discount codes to use!

I love shopping for the children, and even though I'm not quite ready to purchase them yet I already have baskets full of things I want to buy on Next and H & M's websites.

Typically, being a mum, my own wardrobe needs always come last and after getting a little bit carried away with spending on super cute childrens outfits...i'm not often left with a great deal of money spare to buy anything for myself.

I fear that my dressing habits have fallen firmly into "Mum dressing" territory.

At least 90% of my current wardrobe has come from Asda - and there's nothing wrong with that, I think Asda has some great stuff - but shopping for clothes used to be a whole "thing" - I'd make a day of it, go for lunch with friends, actually try things and care what they looked like!

Now I pick up whatever is cheapish and looks like it'll fit whilst I'm nipping in to Asda for milk.

Infact I realised today when out at the supermarket that it's finally happened...I've finally become "of a certain age"...I realised this when I saw a Sales Rail in Sainsburys and instead of walking past it and not giving it a second thought like my 20-something self would have done, I practically ran at it...furiously thumbing through the options, checking the price tag to see how much of a reduction there was...because you know how it is, I can LOVE something on the rack but unless there's at least 50% off it then how can I justify buying it?!

Ridiculous I guess....especially considering I never think twice about buying full price for the children...but somehow, I can't help but feel bad spending a lot of money on clothes for me.

And I'm sick of it. Just once, I want to feel a bit like my old self again and I want to buy outfits from a shop that ONLY SELLS CLOTHES...somewhere that I can also buy tonights tea and a packet of loo rolls on my way out.

I want to go back to the loves of my yester-year - New Look, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins....

Thankfully, websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes make life a lot easier for people like me...because it's rare that I ever need to pay retail price anymore!

Infact this week, I plan on treating myself to some gorgeous new clothes courtesy of their Dorothy Perkins discount codes.

Here are some of the items I'm hoping to pick up:


I just love the Geo print tunic top, and I think it would look great with some comfy leggings or black skinny jeans and these gorgeous shoes.

I love the day dress too, I used to wear this style of dress a lot but since having the kids I stopped (I guess I have mostly been pregnant for the last 3 years!) - now that I'm starting to lose weight I'd really like to start wearing them again.

The great thing about using My Favourite Voucher Codes is that not only do I get more for my money thanks to their discount codes, but knowing that they donate 20% of their profits to charity helps me to feel a little better about spending too - because I know my money is also doing some good.

Saving money, dressing well and helping a charity too, what's not to love - right?!

*This is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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