Thursday, 15 September 2016

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

This is a game that we all play from time to time isn't it?!

I would say that, on average, I spend about 2 hours a week just daydreaming about how I'd spend my lottery winnings when the day comes (Because I AM destined to be a millionaire, it's just a matter of time obviously...)

I always seem to manage to give myself a headache when trying to figure out how much of it I'd give away and how much I'd actually be left with after divvying it up between family members (I've figured out I could never win enough to buy everyone a house and have everything left over...#BigFamilyProblems).

Have you ever wondered what the very first thing you'd do is, if you won?

Not what you'd buy first, but how you'd actually spend that evening...before you were able to claim your prize, when you're still just a normal person rather than a millionaire...

I imagine I'd order the biggest Domino's ever, and then sit staring at my winning ticket all night just incase I somehow lost it before cashing it in...

I'd also sit browsing for houses to with an indoor AND outdoor pool would be top of my list, must have a sea view, and a conservatory....and HUGE gardens for me to fill full of plastic play crap!

But the thing is, in order to win the lottery you have to actually PLAY it...and I must admit, it is very rare that I do.

And so what's the use of daydreaming about you'd spend your winnings when you haven't got a chance?!

These days, much like everything else in life, it's all super quick and easy to do online from the comfort of you sofa - and sites like Lottoland offer something a little different known as Lotto Betting.

This means that you're not traditionally purchasing a lottery ticket, instead, you are betting on the outcome of the lottery.  

You are not playing the game directly, instead, you can bet on the results of official lottery draws from around the world.
To play, it is exactly the sameas other lotteries - you select your numbers, sit back and wait for the draw. And, if you would like to play regularly there is a subscription service available.

And this means you don't even have to limit yourself to the UK lottery - for years I've heard from friends & family how much better the Irish Lottery is and how much easier it is to win on, and with the Euromillions and US Powerball lottery prize pots so very high (Powerball offered up a staggering $1 billion jackpot earlier this year!)  - the sky really is the limit for your lottery dreams!

So come on, I'm dying to know, what would YOU choose to spend your lottery winnings on?

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