Saturday, 5 November 2016

Me & Mine In October

I know people always say it...but I genuinely cannot believe how fast the last 12 months have flown by.

I remember like it was yesterday taking our October 2015 Me & Mine photos because they were quite special for us...This time last year, we used our monthly Me & Mine photos to announce that we were expecting a surprise third baby.

We had decided to delay the announcement until I was 6 months along, and as it fell during the month of October...we chose to use Pumpkins for a Halloween themed announcement!

One year on, and it's funny to look back on those photos now...knowing exactly who that question mark on the fifth pumpkin was representing...our little Sailor!

And so, when deciding where to take our October Me & Mine photos for this year...I decided that, of course, we would have to find some pumpkins again!!

Luckily we managed to find a lovely local pumpkin patch here in Devon, and we had a fantastic day out choosing our five for each member of our family of five!

Looking back on last years photo feels a little odd, as I really can't even remember what it felt like to be a family of four (...well, I was pregnant again 6 weeks after Noah was born!)...

Five is a number I didn't really think our family would be...especially not so soon, I mean....we only had our first child 3 and a half years ago!!!, but it's definitely the number that feels like a perfect fit for us.

This Month, Daddy Is Loving:

*Halloween excitement

*The pretty Autumn colours everywhere

*Cable knit jumper weather!

Mummy Is Loving:

*Getting prepared for the Halloween celebrations - planning a big family party with lots of spooky games and foods!

*Almost finishing Christmas shopping for the kids...just the rest of the family to go!

*Being given the chance to go to THE River Cottage for a bit of a cookery lesson and Christmas feast... one week to go, how exciting!

*Being given the chance to represent the UK Mummy Blogger community at the fabulous sounding E-Fluent Conference in Paris on a 3 day long trip in a stunning looking hotel next month...Lucky much?!

Tyne Is Loving:

*Choosing and carving pumpkins and giving them all names!

*His new ear defenders which Mummy bought for Bonfire night...Tyne likes to wear them around the house everyday, coz...why not?!

*His new Halloween books

Noah Is Loving:

*Shouting "NO" at the top of his voice whenever he's asked to do anything at all...

*Cuddling Sailor and trying to pick him up whenever my back is turned!

*Constantly asking to watch our family vlogs on Youtube by pointing at the TV and screeching "MUMMY ON!"

*Dancing...all the any kind of music at all....including ringtones. He just can't help himself, he hears the beat...he moves his feet!

Sailor Is Loving:

*Laughing when his big brothers wrestle each other

*Saying "Mamamamama" over and over again

*Chewing and biting anything and everything

*Rolling around the floor and trying to shuffle around

What have your family been loving this month?

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