Sunday, 30 October 2016

Mega Bleu Games Review

We were recently lucky enough to be sent Ghost Hunt Evolution and Creepy Hand games by Megableu games

Our Eldest son, Tyne has been asking for these for sometime.... I mean what 3 year old wouldn't want games involving an automated disembodied hand and a skeleton that projects Ghosts and Aliens on to walls for him to shoot at?

Creepy Hand is aimed at 2 or more players aged 7 plus, although it is very easy to adapt the game to include players younger than this.

If you've not seen it before the game consist of a wonderfully ghoulish 'Creepy Hand' complete with stitches and scars, and a series of game cards. The players sit in a circle whilst the hand moves round under it's own eerie power (3 AA Batteries!) before stopping and pointing it's index finger at a random player.

 At this point the 'chosen' player picks a game card. Each card contains a Truth or Dare and a Forfeit, from which the chosen player must choose to answer the truth or perform the dare.

An opponent then reads out the Truth or Dare depending upon the choice made. Should the player succeed in their task or answer correctly, they get to keep the card. If they fail then they must face a forfeit, or choose to use their Joker.

The first player to keep six cards wins the game.

This may sound like a very simple premise and easy game to win but I can testify it's not as easy or quick as you may think. We had hours of fun playing this with Tyne and his cousins, with all of us regardless of age, laughing and squealing with delight at the forfeits and dares.

For younger players, the dares and forfeits can be simplified with ease and without losing any of the fun aspects of this great game. Creepy Hand has rapidly established itself as a firm family favourite and the go to game in our house.

In Ghost Hunt Evolution, the player scores points by shooting at Ghosts and Bats projected on to walls from the 'Billy Bones' skeleton projector. The more images that are hit, the greater the score.

The images of the bats and ghosts can be viewed via the special glasses provided and Tyne loves becoming a 'real life Ghostbuster' everytime we play this. The game may be played in a darkened room with dimmed lights, but with the lights out in a totally darkened room the game takes on a far more vivid dimension and the projected images are far crisper. He squeals with delight as he blasts away at the creepy (but not scary, so no need to worry about little ones being terrified) critters.

The game has three settings, Easy, Medium and Hard and we have all had great fun playing this very cool game.

At this time of year with dark nights and cold weather, they're a great source of fun for our little family!

Creepy Hand is available from various outlets including Smyths, Amazon and Tesco with prices starting at £19.99 and Ghost Hunt Evolution is also available via the same outlets with prices start at £24.99.

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