Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

Can you believe that Christmas is just a mere 10 weeks away?! It feels as though last Christmas only ended a few weeks ago, I seriously don't know where 2016 has gone...

But anyway! Christmas is a'comin and that is a fact...so I have been a busy little bee, trying to get everybodys gifts all sorted out and I'm not doing too badly at all...the boys have around 50% of their Christmas gifts sorted out and those that aren't bought yet are at least budgeted for, so we're all good...

Tonight though, I've spent a little time browsing around online for gift inspiration and have come across a fair few things that I WOULD love to recieve myself...it never hurts to share a wishlist, does it?! After all, you never know...Santa might just see it!!


I was browsing the House Of Fraser website and stumbled across their gorgeous selection of jewellery - I have to say, I'm not usually one for those sorts of gifts as I don't wear much jewellery myself but I just completely fell in love with the gorgeous Ted Baker bangle above...isn't it the cutest?! And the rose gold Links Of London bracelet would make a gorgeous bit of special occasion bling too!

Next on my list is a mermaid blanket - I have wanted one of these for MONTHS now, and I keep almost ordering one but they're always from China and I worry that the quality will be rubbish - however I've just discovered them for sale on the New Look website...here's hoping Santa see's them too!

I think my biggest WISH of the year would be for this absolutely perfect Kate Spade iPhone case from John Lewis...It has "Hayley" written all over it! Glitter genuinely IS my favourite colour...I know it's expensive for a phone case at almost £50 but If I received nothing but this on Christmas day, I would be a very happy girl!!

Another very welcome gift would be a proper grown up designer handbag such as this beautiful one from Michael Kors...next year will be the year I can finally stop carting around a changing bag, and so having a proper grown up bag like this one instead would be a lovely treat!

And finally, kitsch stocking fillers are ALWAYS welcome and this super cute gold printed mug and quirky "Unicorn Fund" coin purse are both right up my street!! New Look has some fantastic stocking fillers in this season, well worth checking out!

What will be on your Christmas wish list this year? 

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