Friday, 21 October 2016

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere! - Pumpkin Picking In Devon

 If you've been on Instagram at all over the past couple of weeks, chances will be experiencing severe Pumpkin Photo envy!

Every October without fail I find myself admiring everybodys pumpkin-themed pictures and wishing I could find a fab pumpkin patch local to us...and this year I decided that I needed to take action! No longer would I sit at home, scrolling sullenly through my IG feed...looking on at the pumpkin-frolicking being undertaken by my peers. No...this year I would get out there and find a decent pumpkin patch for myself right here in Devon!

The task proved a little more difficult than I had hoped, I spent the best part of 2 days google searching and only being able to find listings for Pumpkin Days and Pumpkin Festivals at various farms and stately homes across the county...these all sound like a lot of fun but they just weren't what I wanted...I just wanted a plain and simple Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch.

Somewhere that me and the kids could wander around on our own with a big wheelbarrow, picking pumpkins and taking gorgeously autumnal photos to our hearts content with no festival-style crowds, musicians, other activities, etc.

I was beginning to think all hope was lost, but then I took a chance and called Lifton Farm Shop...where we had spent a lovely (if longer than intended...) day strawberry picking this summer...their website was advertising two special Pumpkin Days next week but I couldn't see any mention of pumpkin picking prior to then...

But to my delight, the friendly lady on the phone told me that they DO offer plain old Pumpkin Picking every day (while stocks last..) we all piled into the car and off we went!

And OH MY GOODNESS...we were NOT disappointed.

I have truly never seen so many pumpkins in all of my life!

Tyne has a book called "Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere" and Lifton Farm Shop was as though this book had come to life...there were hanging baskets full of pumpkins, there were gigantic displays of pumpkins everywhere we looked, there were tractors full of pumpkins, there were even pumpkins dotting the walls right around the childrens play and picnic area....

Everywhere we looked, there were pumpkins!!

We collected a big wheelbarrow (much to Tyne's delight) and headed off to find the PYO pumpkin patch just behind the shop...two big fields full of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and after we lingered for a while taking some photos, we filled our wheelbarrow up with 5 pumpkins (one each!) and headed inside to pay.

I was surprised to find that our 5 pumpkins of choice only cost £7 in total...bargain!!

We then headed into the lovely little area play area which the kids had loved in the summer....although it's October now the weather was still mild and sunny, so the kids had a good play here for a while and then we treated ourselves to some delicious homemade cakes from the farm shop to munch on before we headed home with our Pumpkin haul.

If you, like me, are looking for somewhere to take some Pumpkiny Pictures in Devon...Lifton Farm Shop is an absolute must!!! I can't sing it's praises enough...they have really gone all out with their displays and decorations, and it's such a lovely little afternoon out with the kids.

You can find their address and opening times at

*I was not asked to write this post or invited to visit this shop, I am writing about it purely because we really enjoyed visiting this place and I think more people need to know about how fab it is!

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