Thursday, 13 October 2016

Quiet Time With Teletubbies Magazine

 One of the little pleasures of my childhood that most sticks in my memory is going to the newsagents after school once a week, and choosing a magazine to take home.

I would happily spend an hour or more thumbing through the likes of Look In or Bunty magazine, and devouring every single page.

Of course, like everything in life, magazines have evolved a lot since then and these days it's rare that you'll find a childrens magazine that doesn't come in a plastic packet to house all of the freebies that come with them .. and these seem to be what usually appeal most to my son!

The magazine itself is usually tossed aside, and I find that I've wasted the best part of £5 on something that will be ripped to pieces by his younger brothers while he plays for half an hour with the free plastic maracas he so desperately "needed".

This month we were given the opportunity to test out the new Teletubbies magazine, and I was keen to see what Tyne would make of it as Teletubbies are characters he knows and loves...whereas the magazine he usually chooses are ones that he isn't familiar with, having only been attracted to them by the free gift!

I was delighted to find that the magazine was a huge hit - it did, of course, come with a free offering but instead of some useless plastic "musical instrument" that only lasted five minutes, it came with a little Teletubby figure and a bed for it which was of far more interest to Tyne - he loves playing with figures and was delighted with this.

But much to my delight, the magazine itself was of far more interest! There were all kinds of activities inside, from writing exercises to sticker activities and Tyne was really keen to get stuck into them all.

He thoroughly enjoyed doing the various puzzles, spot the differences were a particular favourite, and he loved doing the stickers - though I do struggle to get him to want to put them on the page rather than just all over himself!

The stories in the magazine were a big hit too, and after doing the activities together it was lovely to snuggle up and read them.

I find that being the oldest of 3 boys means that Tyne is often in "mayhem mode" throughout the day and the opportunity to take some quiet time out away from the babies, to do something a bit more "Grown up" like go through his magazine with Mummy was really beneficial to both of us - the perfect Sunday afternoon activity and a really nice change from seeing him going straight to his Ipad for chill out time when he's tired from running about.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Teletubbies magazine regularly, as it was really lovely to see him enjoy it so much..and at only £2.99 it really isn't bad at all considering the price of many other similar offerings!

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