Saturday, 15 October 2016

Siblings In October

Another month, another Siblings round what's new with my little trio of Brothers in October?

Well, I think it's safe to say that this has been the first month that I've felt like I have three little boys on my hands rather than two babies and a toddler...

I know Sailor is very much still a baby at 8 months old, infact Noah is too at 18 months old really, but both of them seem suddenly so much older...

Sailor is sitting up completely unaided now and although he still seems ages away from crawling (thank god!), he is shuffling himself around the living room more and more and this means that he is able to get himself involved in his brothers games more and more...something he seems to love doing!

He's started to baby babble and shout more as he finds his voice, and this has made him more interesting to his brothers too - they're always keen to have some additional in the "Lets Scream As Loud As We Can!"game!

Tyne is still super affectionate where Sailor is concerned, and loves to cuddle and kiss him at every opportunity - he tells us every day that "Sailor is my very best friend"

However when we visited Disneyland Paris without the babies a few weeks ago it was Noah that Tyne seemed to really miss the most...he told me one evening "I miss Noah Reve...I miss that funny baby!"- which melted my heart completely!

The pair of them love nothing more than to play fight at the moment, and it can be pretty savage to watch - they wrestle each other to the ground without mercy, but both of them are in fits of giggles the whole time!

Noah is becoming more of a character every day and his cheekiness knows no bounds - much to Tyne's delight! He finds everything that Noah does hilarious - lately Noah has taken to shouting "NO!" at the top of his voice in response to every request made of him, and this reduces Tyne to fits of laughter every time!

As for Noah and Sailor, they are still just as close as always - Noah still goes over to cuddle Sailor every few minutes and he's always greeted with the biggest smile from his baby brother. 

My little band of brothers seem to be building on their bond with every month that passes, and they truly are as thick as thieves these day.

Between the three of them, they really do run circles around us...but they are the funniest little gang to watch together!

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  1. I love these photos Hayley you did a great job of capturing all three of them together. Never easy :-) I can't believe that Sailor is 8 months old already, the time really is flying by. x #thesiblingsproject

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Look at Tyne and Noah, it's like Noah's catching up on Tyne! And they look utterly adorable for it! I love their jackets!! These are some of my favourite pictures of yours. xx

  3. They are all getting so big!! #siblingsproject

  4. I can't believe he is 8 months!! Where on earth has that time gone??? Gorgeous photos. x #Siblingsproject

  5. Look at those cheeky faces! I love their coat, very smart :) xx

  6. What a gorgeous little trio, I can't believe how fast they're growing up! I love hearing about their growing relationships xx


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