Sunday, 2 October 2016

Tonka Climbovers Review

As part of my role as a Tonka Tough Mother, I was recently sent some Tonka Climbovers to try out with the boys.

If you caught our last review of the Tonka Steel range, then you'll know all the key points about Tonka toys that make them a bit different...namely that Tonka toys are truly built to last with a lifetime guarantee!! And with 70 years experience, Tonka certainly know how to fulfill this promise!

Tonka Climbovers are a brand new of 4 x 4 off road vehicles which do exactly what it says on the tin...climb over! They will climb over pretty much anything, and as you can a child this is pretty exciting!

The cars come in themed sets such as Snake Pit Pass and Rip Saw Summit which feature some tough barriers such as crocodiles and boulders, the sets feature Click N Climb system which means that they can be collected and clipped together for even more climbing fun!

Our boys loved these sets from the moment they arrived, which I expected for Tyne as anything to do with vehicles always gets him interested - but with an age range of 2-7 years suggested on the packaging, I was keen to see what almost 2-year old Noah made of them.

I wasn't really expecting him to be interested, but he surprised me - he loved watching the motorised truck make its way along the track and clapped with excitement when it pushed past the obstacles in its path!

The Tonka Climbovers sets are, as expected from Tonka, impressively made and offer hours of fun for vehicle-obsessed little ones like mine - and for the price tag, I can't think of a better gift to buy!

They are also the perfect stocking filler size!

Tonka Climbovers are available from retailers such as Argos, with prices starting from £6.99

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