Friday, 28 October 2016

We're On The Chad Valley Play Panel...Plus your chance to WIN £75 Argos Vouchers!

Last month we were VERY excited to recieve an email inviting us to become part of the Chad Valley Play Panel.

The Play Panel, launched by Argos, is a collective of family bloggers from around the UK who will be sharing product reviews and news from Chad Valley, as well as giving their insights on trends and play advice.

As part of our very first Play Panel task, we were sent 3 toys from the Chad Valley range to try out...the boys received one thing each, and although Chad Valley only asked us to write about one...I simply couldn't choose which one to blog about, as the boys each enjoyed their toys so much!

So instead, I'm going to tell you about them all.

First up, Sailor was possibly the most difficult of the boys to choose for as at 8 months old he doesn't really enjoy toys just yet...he likes to chew on them of course but other than that he's yet to really show any interest in them.

He was sent the Floating Ball Fun Zone...this comes with a mat for baby to sit on, 10 multi coloured balls and a little tower which blows out air...the idea being that you put the balls over the tower and watch as the air makes the balls float!

All three of the children really enjoyed this - both playing with the balls and sitting over the machine so that it could blow their hair! - in fact Sailor struggled to get anywhere near it for the first ten minutes as his brothers both wanted to play with it, but once they cleared the way a bit he was delighted with it.

He loved trying to grab the balls as they floated, and even figured out how to turn the blower on and off which became a source of amusement to him for a good 10 minutes...this was certainly the most entertained he has ever been by a toy so far.

The tower is charged by USB which is unusual but quite handy too, and once charged it does seem to hold power well.

Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone is available here with a RRP of £24.99

Next up is Noah, who was sent this very sweet Giraffe Popper.

This is a push along toy which is just a little bit shorter than Noah himself, and very easy to manoeuvre for little hands - it comes with four balls ... you press the button on its head for it to shoot the balls out and then you roll over them with the giraffe which then sucks them back inside. It was almost like a hoover which Noah is obsessed with, so it was a big hit with him!

The Giraffe Popper is available here with an RRP of £14.99

And finally, Tyne was sent the Chad Valley Knights Castle which was such an appropriate choice for him as he has been asking for a castle for ages!

From looking at the box I assumed that this would be thick wood but it was actually more like thick cardboard that slotted together, but it is very sturdy and it was quite simple to put together...everything just slotted in to place, and it took no more than 20 minutes to complete even with 3 children constantly getting in the way!

It comes with two sets of Knights (which are wooden), a wooden ladder, a catapult and 3 cannon balls.

Tyne has had hours of fun playing with this set already, and loves opening and closing the drawbridge, firing the canon and putting the flags up on top of the castle.

The castle also comes with a little slot together play mat to rest it on which helps to add to the scene...although the only downside is that this comes in 4 pieces so doesn't hold together when trying to move the castle, but simply placing your hand/arm underneath when moving does the trick and our castle has stayed in one piece for over 2 weeks now!

I would highly recommend this for any little Knight fans, ours is just delighted with it and has played with every day since it arrived...adding a dragon to it makes for hours of fun!

Chad Valley Knights Castle is available here with an RRP of £29.99

We also filmed the day the boys opened their Chad Valley gifts if you'd like to take a look at the toys in action!


To celebrate joining the Chad Valley Play Panel, we have been given £75 of Argos vouchers to give away to one lucky reader!

You could use your winnings to buy all of the above toys and still have money left, or you can buy anything else you wish....and with Christmas around the corner, how handy would that come in?!

To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the Rafflecopter form below!

Good Luck!

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