Monday, 28 November 2016

4 Ways To Prevent Sickness From Entering Your Home

Every day that you send your kids off to school, you’re knowingly introducing a chaos factor into your life. When children interact, they spread germs that can and at times will infect others in your home. You can take steps to prevent such illness. Here are four ways to prevent sickness from entering your home.

Scrub Those Hands

Your children are a source of great happiness. You also know that they touch everything they can reach with their grubby hands. At school, they’re going to pick up so many germs that they’re functional petri dishes. 
To avoid bringing these germs into your home and thereby infecting the rest of your family, teach them to wash their hands the instant they get home. Train them to know that the march into the house leads straight to the sink. If you can’t persuade them to use soap and water each time, invest in some hand sanitizer. While hand sanitizer isn’t perfect, it’s better than nothing. 
Clean the Air 
One environmental factor that you might take for granted in your home is clean air. You expect your HVAC unit to disseminate healthy, fresh air. What you haven’t considered is that the bacteria a child brings into your home winds up in your air filter. You need to change it when your family has just gone through a bout of illness. Experts also suggest that you buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter. 
Change the Sheets 
Anyone under the weather has a tendency to lay in bed a lot, which makes bed sheets an ideal place for bacteria to multiply. 
When your child is sick, you need to change the sheets more often than normal. Otherwise, your child won’t get over an illness quickly since he or she is literally sleeping in the germs that cause the symptoms. Once your child is healthy, strip off the bedding and run it through multiple wash cycles. Use hot water, bleach, or a combination of the two to eliminate germs. 
Wipe It Down 
Study the way your family interacts with their environment each day. You’ll quickly learn which items in your home receive the most human touch. Since that’s the way germs spread, the trick to eliminating bacteria is wiping down as often as possible with a cleaning solution. The trick is being consistent since kids introduce new germs into your home environment every day. 
Think about the situation from a vulnerability perspective. Even if you scrub all the sinks, counters, refrigerator and cabinet handles, door knobs, and tables in your home, you still can’t account for bacteria that are introduced after a thorough cleansing. Your children’s lunchboxes, schoolbooks, backpacks, and anything else they carry to school returns home infected. 
One of the worst points of vulnerability is your child’s phone since kids pass them around like candy. One funny viral video to them is an outbreak for you. When your child gets home, have them drop everything and then wipe down all the items, paying special attention to smartphones. 
Schools are an unavoidable meeting place for the spread of bacteria. Follow these tips to make sure that those germs don’t become an unwelcome part of your family. 

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