Friday, 2 December 2016

Battle Of The Christmas Ads - Here's My Winner!

I can't speak for everyone, but in my opinion one of the best parts of the Christmas build up is how much all of the big companies up their advertising games with an amazing array of heartwarming, funny and magical tv ad campaigns - I seriously cannot accept that Christmas season has started until I see that Coca Cola truck drive by on my screen and until I've sat in nervous anticipation of the John Lewis ad with Kleenex in hand (Shame about this years one...)

There have been some lovely contenders this year, but I have to say that sadly it hasn't been my favourite year for Christmas ads so far...I do love James Corden's dulcet tones and the robins journey brought a little tear to my eye I admit...but none have really stuck with me.

However, I have just seen a real contender from an unexpected source - this year VisionDirect (the UK's largest online only retailer of contact lenses, glasses and eye care since 1998) have released a Christmas Corker of an ad featuring the most adorable bespectacled Pug (Come on, you're already sold on it aren't you?! Do I even need to say anymore?! It's a pug! In glasses!!).

The ad plays on the familiar theme of neighbourhood rivalry with the Christmas deccies between Gizmo The Pug and Cuddles The Cat.

Take a look genuinely made me laugh out loud:

And of course it also brings up the age old debate - which do you prefer, cats or dogs?! 

I've always been a little torn but in this instance, it's Gizmo The Pug for me hands down!

Just look at that little face!

To celebrate the launch of the ad, VisionDirect are going to be adding some festive competitions and games to their advent calendar throughout the month - just take a look HERE

So tell me...what's been your favourite Christmas ad this year?!

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