Saturday, 5 November 2016

Dressing The Boys For Autumn

I'm probably not supposed to admit this, but what the heck...dressing my kids is hands down my favourite part of being a parent!

Ok ok, obviously the snuggles and the watching them grown and learn is nice too....but getting to choose their outfits is a Top 5 Parent Perk for sure!

Before I had kids, I used to be pretty into fashion...I'd keep up to date with all the latest trends and try them out myself...but since having little ones, I have almost entirely lost interest in grown up fashion trends...instead focusing on dressing my little human-dolls up has become my hobby!

Here are some of the outfits and accessories I've bought for the boys this season:

Both outfits from Joules

Jeans from Next, Fleece lined shirt from Joules

Fox and badger hats from Wish app - £5 each.

Fox romper suit & hat from Wish app - £5.00

Boys shirts & chinos from Next, Baby outfit from Debenhams

Of course, as with everything in life these days, gorgeous outfits don't come cheap - and whilst I certainly don't have a taste for designer childrenswear (I would sob if I had to pay more than £30 for an outfit knowing that it was only going to end up covered in wotsits and paint...), I also prefer not to shop in charity shops or buy second hand...there is obviously nothing wrong with doing those things and I know MANY people who find fantastic bargains doing so and their children are immaculately dressed...but it's just not something that I personally choose to do, I prefer to buy new.

So how do you kit out 3 children in cute, new clothes on a budget?

Well...there are ways!

1) Supermarket Shop!

When I was a kid, I remember the feeling of dread when my mum suggested a trip to Asda to buy some new clothes...but times have changed and these days, the clothing you can pick up at your local supermarket can be just as trendy and cute as any you find in the higher end High Street stores...and usually at a fraction of the cost too!

 Our personal favourite Supermarket brands are Nutmeg by Morrisons and F & F at Tesco, but George at Asda and TU at Sainsburys are well worth checking out too!

They also frequently have great sales in store.

2) Use Discount Codes

These days most of us choose to shop online, let's face's just easier than carting the kids around multiple stores! And there are other perks too...such as online discount codes!

You can find an online bargain for most stores these days, I NEVER order anything online without doing a quick google search for valid discount codes before checking out...lately I have found some fantastic deals for Debenhams and similar stores on Codesium- in fact I saved £12 on my recent purchases using their code!

3) Use App stores & Flash Sale Sites

One of my best finds this season has been the Wish app. I may well be the last one to learn about this as everybody I mention it too has been using it for years, but I only placed my first order last month.

Wish features items that shop from China and so the catch is that they can take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive, but you can bag some SERIOUS bargains on there - none of the items I ordered cost more than £5 each and some are replicas of Next items.

The problem with ordering from China is that sizing and quality can sometimes be lacking, but out of 30+ items on my order I was only unhappy with two...and I simply requested a refund for those which was issued within 5 days, no questions asked!

There are also lots of flash sale sites which are fantastic for grabbing a bargain too....Zulily is my favourite one to use!

How do you find your best bargains when it comes to childrens clothes shopping? I'd love to hear from you!

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