Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Has Your Little One Heard The Happy Song?

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A while ago you may remember that I posted about the sounds that make my youngest, Sailor, laugh...things such as hearing his brothers voices and his Daddy's attempt at doing silly accents, and now at 8 months old those things haven't changed...although perhaps his tastes are becoming a little more sophisticated as he now finds Mummy's singing hilarious too!

It seems that Sailor isn't alone in those things as recent research carried out by C & G Baby Club has found that among the most common things that make babies laugh are: sneezing (51%), Animal sounds (23%) and baby laughter (28%).

One thousand British families, psychologists from Goldsmiths University AND top grammy award winning musician Imogen Heap (of Hide & Seek fake...I LOVE that song...) have helped C & G Baby Club to create a groundbreaking new song...The Happy Song!...which first ever scientifically tested song to make babies happy!

How cute is that idea?!

Imogen's 18 month old daughter Scout was the first person to hear The Happy Song but more than 50 babies were monitored whilst listening to it in total - their movements, facial expressions, heart rates and vocalisations were all studied to determine which parts of the track made them happiest.

The research found that the most popular sound that brings smiles to babies' faces was 'boo', according to two thirds of parents.

Over half (57%) said their child liked it when they blew a raspberry, and 51% said their young ones like the sound of sneezing. Other sounds revealed in the study, some of which are included in the track, are kissing noises (43%) and babies laughing (28 percent).

Take a look at the making of The Happy Song below:

And listen to the full song here:

Whatever it is that brings about their laughter, I'm sure you'll agree that there is no sweeter sound to us adults than the precious giggles of our little ones.

What did your little one make of The Happy Song? I'd love to hear from you!

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