Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2017

2017 appears to be an exciting year for the interior design world. Natural materials, minimalist furniture and surroundings will be returning to our homes, making a welcome change from the buzzing technology world that invades us on a daily basis. Our homes will be enthused with natural light and materials that will soothe the senses. Below we explore some of he top interior design trends to look out for in 2017.

Shades of terracotta

Terracotta has always been a much loved material within the home and in 2017, it will be seen everywhere. Terracotta tiles are predicted to become incredibly popular, and to be used as a focal point in the home, not merely as a border. Terracotta tiles will be popular in the bathroom as a feature wall that is full of warmth. They will also look fantastic in the kitchen or when placed around the fireplace. Always opt for a matte finish to keep the look fresh and modern.

Natural cork

Just as terracotta is a warm material, so is natural cork, and it is set to return to the interior design world next year. This material adds not only warmth, but heaps of texture and looks good in just about any room. Cork is best used in large open plan rooms, as this natural material helps to absorb noise, creating a softer general atmosphere. It will be seen in coffee tables, stools and even as part of a wall. Cork will also work well in the conservatory.

Escape to the garden

2017 will see us using the garden as an extension of the home and as a place to retreat to, no mater what the time of year. As technology continues to increasingly dominate our everyday lives, there is now a need for additional green space for us to simply sit in and switch off from the electronic world. With this extra outdoor living space comes also the need for robust yet relaxed outdoor sofas. This type of furniture, designed to bring life into a garden or an outdoor space, is made by an Italian furniture make called Unopiu, which offers a great range of furniture – from outdoor sofas to solid garden tables.

Green, grey and brown

The deep hues of blue will be a thing of the past next year, as dark green will be taking centre stage. For those individuals who love their minimalist furniture and Scandinavian design themes, then dark green will provide the perfect backdrop. It is the ideal colour to accentuate natural leathers and linens. Other colours of grey and brown will feature heavily, perfecting that natural outdoor look.

The natural bed

The biggest change when it comes to beds is that the headboard will once again be upholstered as they used to be in days gone by. These will replace the now common slatted headboard that is made from wood or metal. The upholstered headboard will accentuate the home's natural feel and will echo the choice of natural linens and earthly colours. They will also be incredibly versatile, allowing for a choice of colours, patterns and finishes.

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