Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lion Guard Defend the Pride Lands Playset

A few weeks ago, Tyne was sent the Lion Guard Defend The Pride Lands playset from Flair PLC...he was delighted when it arrived as he had seen it advertised on TV and thought it looked like great fun.

I hadn't been too sure if he'd find it that interesting as my children very rarely watch Disney Junior and I hadn't been aware of them ever watching Lion Guard but to my surprise, Tyne knew exactly who the character of Kion was and all about the story!

Included in the set are lots of fun features that your little one will love as they help the included Kion figure defend Pride Rock from any threats as well as having lots of fun adventures along the way!

The features include a boulder trap to help fend off invaders (this was Tyne's favourite part!), a motorised vine tree lift, a bone cage to capture enemies in, and a collapsible rock bridge to help deter interlopers! Kion and his friends can hide from their enemies in the passage way or plan their next adventure away from those pesky Hyenas.

The Kion young lion figure really captures the characters features and is a great likeness to it's on-screen counterpart. Pride Rock itself is a great colourful playset your little one will have hours of fun playing with again and again. It's been a huge hit in our house with both 3 year old Tyne and his 19 month old brother Noah alike.

Lion Guard Defend the Pride Lands playset is priced at £34.99, for more information please visit

(NOTE: Apologies for the stock photography in this review, due to camera problems my own images are not ready and use of stock images has been agreed with the PR but this post will be updated with my own asap!)

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