Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Me & Mine In November

Yep...I'm cheating.

I'm not even sorry.

I thought about taking our Me & Mine photos loads of times this month, but thinking about them doesn't actually get them done does it?

I even took the camera and the tripod out with us a couple of times on various days out we had...but they stayed in the pram every time...either the light was too bad by the time I remembered about it or I was just too busy actually enjoying the moment to stop and photograph it.

Which is fine by me, actually. But I don't like to start something and not finish it, so the fact that it was looking like we wouldn't have a photo for November was bothering me.

Luckily...today these photos popped up on my Facebook timeline and saved the day!

We went along to this photoshoot at the weekend - I booked it months ago and unfortunately the kids were really poorly on the day so Sailor looks a bit out of it and Noah was determined, as always, not to crack a smile.

Look how poorly Sailor looks in that photo!! Bless him.

We've had photo shoots with Capture Photography in Devon ever since Tyne's first Christmas...this was our 5th shoot with them (We'd had some Easter ones done too!) and it's a lovely experience as the photographer and her mum recognise us and remember the kids, and the kids remember them too so it helps them to relax into the shoots more.

They're amazing value too - we do the mini shoots which are 20 minutes long, and you get all of the photos on a disc - the whole thing only costs £39!

I don't have the full disc through yet but they shared these previews tonight on Facebook, and they're photos of us in November so they'll do for me!

So what are we all loving this month?! Let's see!

Jon Is Loving:
*The return of Gilmore Girls...he would never admit it, but he's such a Gilmore Guy!
*Finding some new model making channels on YouTube
*Jon is NOT loving being asked what he's loving every month...I've sat here for 10 minutes now waiting for him to think of something, I'M BORED..I give up.

Hayley is Loving:
*The return of Gilmore Girls - TV HEAVEN!!! Seriously, I have never been happier...
*Getting excited for Christmas and buying new decorations
*Buying new Christmas jumpers
*Planning out lots of fun Christmassy activities and events for the boys
*Pinning ideas for my Christmas Eve Eve party!

Tyne Is Loving:
*Maltesers mini Reindeers
*Starting to earn pocket money for doing little jobs
*Helping Mummy to make dinners
*Helping to wash up
*Having the Fire Fighters visit nursery with their Fire Engine and getting to use the big hose!

Noah Is Loving:
*Playing with "Bad Guys"
*Telling everyone his name is "Bad Guy"
*Shouting "NO!" and "WHY!" in answer to pretty much anything
*Dancing to make people laugh

Sailor Is Loving:
*Babbling more
*Heinz Biscotti
*Singing songs with Mummy

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