Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Meal Ideas For The Holiday Season

Now that you’ve packed up the ornamental ghosts, the plastic tombstones, and the fake cobwebbing and stashed them all in the basement until next year, divided the kids’ Halloween candy into daily, dental-friendly rations, and checked to make sure everyone’s winter coats still fit, you can relax. Or, you can get ready for the next holiday creeping around the corner; if you listen closely, maybe you can even hear the bells jingling in the distance. Yes, Christmas has a way of taking you by surprise, and it’s never too early to start preparing gifts, meals, decorations, trees, cards, and dinner invitations. 

One way to get ready for the holiday season early is to get those meal decisions out of the way; decide what you’re going to do for your big feast now, look up the recipes, and start compiling one big grocery list. While you’ve got your turkey-and-stuffing routine down to a T, it’s the meals in between the big feasts that can catch you off guard, especially with the stores closing early. Everyone has had at least one holiday season, where so much timwas spent worrying about dinner that they forgot what they’re going to do about breakfast (and there’s no way you’re letting your kids get by on chocolate until you get to grandma’s house). If you’re looking for recipe inspiration for holiday meals, one great place to look is Egg Farmers of Ontario, which has tons of recipes that are quick, convenient, and pack a lot of protein in. Explore their extensive online recipe collection to find out how you can make these tasty and simple holiday meals. 

Of course if you have vegetarian or vegan family or friends visiting for the holiday season, you'll be in need of some recipe inspiration to keep everybody happy - luckily there is all sorts of information and inspiration online, from individual recipes and ideas on how to vegani-ise holiday classics to detailed vegan meal plans - click to read about it  here! 


Christmas Eve – The day before the holiday is always hectic, scrambling to buy last minute gifts, running to the grocery store because you forgot cranberry sauce, racing against early closing times, and sometimes finishing up work yourself. Unless your family does its big celebration on the night before, you also need to make something for dinner that isn’t going to have too many leftovers (you’ll have plenty of those taking up your fridge). Something simple like omelettes or potato and egg salad can be a simple solution. 

Dessert – For many families, Christmas Dinner is a whole-family affair, and while the grandparents take on the turkey and stuffing, everybody else chips in with side dish. Ifyou’ve drawn dessert this year, you can be the talk of the table. At Egg Farmers of Ontario, you can find recipes for delicious desserts like eggnog tart that put the flavours of everyone’s favourite holiday beverage into an easy-to-make, creamy treat. 

Christmas Brunch – Because the holidays are so full of food, and with dinner arriving early, a lot of families opt for a hearty Christmas brunch instead of splitting breakfast and lunch. You can prepare hearty dishes like a French toast bake the night before or whip up some easy omelettes once the kids are off playing with their new toys. There are tons of great egg recipes for breakfast you can get ready in a snap before it’s time to whisk the kids off to see the rest of the family. 

Boxing Day Breakfast – If you’re left wondering what you’re going to do with all that turkey, you can find tons of turkey frittata and egg casserole dishes that are great for using up tasty leftovers. Eggs are an easy, nutritious way to cover those in-between meals around the holiday season and keep the whole family happy and fed before, during and after the big feast.  

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