Friday, 4 November 2016

Have you got an everyday Super power?

You often hear the question "if you could choose any super power, what would it be?" asked...

Well today I'm asking you something different...I want to know what your every day super power is.

Because we all have them...even if you don't think you do, I bet if you really stopped and thought about it...there'll be something random that you can do really well, something that most other people can't do.

A recent survey conducted by nPower has found that 79% of Brits have a secret super power...for example, 37% of Dads think they have super-moves when it comes to dancing, and 14% of Mums think they can shake their booty like Beyonce!

Among the top Super Powers that Brits wish they had are a photographic memory, the ability to do the splits and the ability to back flip!

So what's your super power? Maybe you can turn your eyelids inside out (gross), maybe you can belch the alphabet (grosser), maybe you can walk on stilts?!

Take a look at Peter Andre's talent....

We were recently challenged to demonstrate our own Super Powers and I was surprised to find that Tyne had his own! Take a look!

To celebrate the weird and wonderful talents that the people of Britain possess, nPower have enlisted the help of Peter Andre to tour the country and find the most impressive super powers out there...The Super Powers Road Show will hit the following locations:

 London – Bluewater – Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November  (Talent there on 5th November)

    Manchester – Arndale – Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November  (Talent there on 11th November)

  Newcastle – Metro centre – Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November 

All you need to do is turn up and you can demonstrate your super power to Peter Andre himself!

  The best part of this is that once you figure out what your every day super power could bag you an amazing prize! Just head to to share your family’s everyday superpower and be in with a chance to win a gadget bundle worth £25,000 to super power your home!

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