Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Our Hallowe'en - 2016

(Do you like our front door decoration?!)

As with any big calendar event, Hallowe'en in our family is done BIG!

We are all very much of the opinion that life would be pretty dull if you live every day the same as the last, and that's why when events come around...we like to go out all out to celebrate them. 

Easter, Christmas, Bonfire Night, New Year...all are celebrated with parties and fun activities, and Hallowe'en is no different.

Usually we all head to Liverpool to celebrate Hallowe'en at my parents house - they've been throwing an annual Kids Hallowe'en party since I was a toddler and it's always been fantastic - but this year Hallowe'en fell during term time which meant my school aged nieces couldn't go, so instead we had our first Devon Hallowe'en!

It was decided that I would throw the Hallowe'en party this year...so I spent weeks beforehand pinning lots of fab food and game ideas in preparation for it, and had so much deciding on what to do and make!

The kids all dressed up of course...I had a little Frankenstein Zombie on my hands, as well as Sully & Mike from Monsters Inc!

We started the evening off with a bit of trick or treating...unfortunately it was only a bit as not many people around here get involved...we only knocked at the houses which were decorated but as we live on a road with only one other family with children, there were not many of these!

Thankfully that family did open their door and give treats to the children, and there were three other very lovely elderly people who had decorated their homes for the Trick Or Treaters and were delighted to open their doors, chat to the children and hand out candy and little Halloween goodies...they were so kind and I have made a mental note of who they were so that we can repay them for their kindness when we do our little Christmas Good Deeds next month!

After trick or treating, it was party time!

Here is a little look at how our Hallowe'en party went down, the food we ate and the games we played...a little late for inspiration for this year maybe, but next Hallowe'en will be here before you know it! ;)

Food was the first thing on our minds, and we tucked into my spooky feast which included:

Dead Mans Fingers:

Pumpkin Burgers:

Witches Fingers:

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Spooky Cupcakes

Boo Bark

And lots more sweets, ghost shaped crisps and so on!

Then it was time for the games!
First up was Punch A Pumpkin:

I had pinned some plastic cups to a notice board in a pumpkin shape, hidden some nice things and some nasty things inside, and covered them with orange tissue paper.

The children had to take turns punching into each one...to see if they found a trick or a treat!

Tricks included cold spaghetti hoops, slime and a good old empty cup or two!

Treats included chocolate coins, bags of Maltesers and other such goodies!

We then had a go at the Creepy Hand game...this is a fantastic game which includes a battery operated zombie hand - you sit your guests in a circle and the hand walks around and selects players at random to do a Truth or Dare challenge!

And finally, it was time for the Pumpkin Pinata!! As if the kids didn't get enough of a sugar rush from the trick or treating...oh well!

After a bit of dancing to Monster Mash it was time for bed.

Our first Devon Hallowe'en was lots of fun, now to start thinking of ideas for next years party!!

Did you celebrate Halloween this year? I'd love to hear about it!

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