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Our Stay In Bath - Bath Boutique Stays review

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of things I wanted to do more of in of them was to see more of the UK.

I feel that I'm always focusing on travelling to new places abroad, but there is still so much of my own country that I have yet to visit and I really want to focus on rectifying this over the coming years.

One of the places in England that I had never visited but always been intrigued by was Bath...and so when the opportunity arose to spend a couple of nights in a luxury apartment in the heart of Bath, I was delighted.

The accommodation  we stayed in was managed by Bath Boutique Stays.

One look at the Bath Boutique Stays website reassured me that a visit to any of their properties would not disappoint as each and every one of them looked stunning, each unique in their own way...Jane Austen's Apartments in particular really caught my eye, as a huge Jane Austen fan I would find it fascinating to stay in her former Bath residence.

The property we were stayed in, 1 Hot Bath Street, was a 3 storey Georgian town house ideally located in the centre of Bath and gave ample space for us to stay with the has to be said that we are not the best people for locating addresses and we did manage to get lost a few times whilst trying to pinpoint it, but after a few drive-arounds we realised we had driven straight past the properties at least four times!

When we arrived and got inside the house, we were all extremely impressed by both the sheer size and space of the town house and by the exceptionally tasteful decor.

Everything was quite minimalist but also very stylish with chic and unique touches dotted around everywhere...if I had to describe the aesthetics of this property in one word, it would be "Instagrammable!" (What do you mean that's not a word!)

If you don't believe me...just look at this:

Instagram-Heaven, right?!

In all honesty, the entire townhouse looks like it fell straight off a Pinterest board and my only concern was that perhaps I wasn't cool enough to stay there!!

The rooms were all a very good size...the property was huge for our family of five and we didn't even venture up to the top floor but it would be perfect for large hen or stag parties, as it easily sleeps 12.

The master bedroom was very spacious indeed, with a very comfortable bed...and the highlight for me was the bathroom, which featured not only twin wash basins but twin showers!! 

The kitchen had everything you could possibly need right there - and plenty of seating for large parties too. As we were travelling with two babies, there were two highchairs provided as well as two travel cots.

The location was ideal for exploring the city, Bath Thermae Spa was right behind the building and it was just a few steps in to the city centre itself with all of its shops, bars and restaurants.

The only slight problem we had was the noise levels during the night with small children, as we did find that the location so close to a busy bus stop meant that there were quite a lot of loud drunken people outside until around 2 or 3 am...but we could have tried different bedrooms higher up perhaps if it had become too much of an issue, and if travelling without children it certainly wasn't enough of a noise level to matter.

We were hopeful of being able to explore the city on our second day as it was somewhere I had wanted to visit for so long, but unfortunately it didn't quite go to plan...we found that the majority of places we tried to visit were not suitable for access with a double pushchair and due to the ages of the babies, we couldn't really manage without it as we hadn't brought baby carriers...we attempted to visit Sally Lunn's bakery & museum, the Jane Austen centre and a fair few shops but found that we couldn't actually get in anywhere due to the lesson learned and I do feel the need to warn any other families with multiples/two young babies, leave the double pushchair behind when visiting Bath and take your baby carriers or access will be a problem! (Single pushchair access would have been fine, so families with one baby needn't worry.)

We had also wanted to visit the Abbey but unfortunately it seemed fate was against us during our trip, as there was a wedding going on so it was closed to visitors.

So unfortunately we only managed to walk around the city, and watch a very talented street performer singing outside the Abbey...however the city was certainly very pretty, and I have no doubt that I would have enjoyed it a great deal if not for the pram!

Here are some photos we took around the city:

We did make good use of the fact that the apartment was in a Deliveroo area, as it meant that Jon & I could have some couples time once the children were asleep...we ordered from Jamies Italian one evening and TGI Fridays the next, and it was lovely to be able to relax and enjoy a nice meal together in such luxurious surroundings.

I would love to visit Bath again and get to properly experience everything that we missed this time, perhaps a visit without the children is in order when the Grandparents next offer to babysit...I wouldn't hesitate to use Bath Boutique Stays again as the property was everything one could possibly wish for, a real home away from home.

To find out more about the beautiful properties on offer for a visit to Bath, just visit

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